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Best Steel Mesh for Horse Fencing: Comparing 5 Top Options

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When it comes to choosing the right type of horse fencing, steel mesh is one of the most preferred options by equestrians across the world. If you’ve already decided to go ahead with steel mesh, we would highly recommend checking out the critical factors that a steel mesh must have to be safe and secure for your animals and your property. 


Once you’re well versed in how to choose a steel mesh and have the checklist ready, the next step is to know the different brands of steel mesh in Australia and evaluate them. A wrong choice of steel mesh can prove dangerous for your horses. There are specific features that are required in a horse fence to contain these spirited animals safely and effectively. Failure to do so might result in an escape or worse an injury. 


At Stock & Noble, we provide the finest fencing solutions to high-end properties across Australia and New Zealand. Each product in our range is chosen based on high-horse safety standards and proven global success in the equine world. While Red Brand products are our key steel mesh solutions, and we believe they are the best and the safest, we also know that these might not be the right steel mesh fencing solutions for every property owner. 


We aim to provide you with in-depth knowledge and factual information about different steel mesh fencing solutions from different brands. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of mesh design in creating a safe horse fence, product specifications, type, suitability and cost of the top 5 steel mesh options available today. 


  • No-Climb Horse Fence 
  • Keep-Safe V-Mesh Horse Fence/ Diamond V-Mesh 
  • Galmax Max-Loc Horse Fence (AU only) 
  • X™ Fence Steel Mesh 
  • Bayonet Steel Mesh (NZ Only) 


In the end, you will be empowered to choose the perfect steel mesh and build a safe property for your favourite beings. 


The Importance of Mesh Design in Creating an Ideal Horse Fence 

The ideal horse fence is created using mesh, which is formed by weaving wires with specific gaps. The design is incredibly important because the wires are what give the fence strength, stability, and security. The gaps in the mesh need to be small to make sure a horse can’t get its hoof stuck or climb on the fence. This helps prevent accidents and keeps the fence from collapsing. Having small gaps also helps keep predators from entering the pasture or corral. 


While some ranchers or horse owners might think about getting a welded wire fence because it’s cheaper, there are some problems with this choice. The welds in these fences can break, making the fence weaker. If the wires break, they can even hurt the horses. 


When you’re planning to put up a fence for horses, it’s important to remember that the cost of the fence material is just a part of the whole cost. You also need to think about things like posts, labour, and tools. So, even though woven fences might be a bit more expensive, they’re a better option because they last longer and are more durable. 


Steel Mesh Fencing Comparison 

Here’s a chart to give you an overview of different brands and how they compare based on different features.  

steel mesh fencing comparison - best steel mesh brands- types of steel mesh fencing



Steel Mesh Horse Fencing – Options of Brands and Products 


Red Brand’s Quality Horse Fences: Safety, Durability, and American-Made Steel 

Established in 1889, Red Brand is a respected American brand known for top-notch agricultural enclosure solutions. Their two types of wire horse fences, made from high-quality Class 1 and Class 3 galvanised steel, prioritise safety and security. Carefully designed, these fences offer reliable protection for horses worldwide, earning the trust of owners, breeders, and veterinarians. 


1. No-Climb Horse Fence: Innovative Steel Mesh 

Black mesh fencing

The No-Climb Horse Fence is ingeniously designed to flex upon impact, ensuring horse safety and enclosure integrity. Its versatility, resilience, and aesthetic appeal make it a premier choice for secure horse enclosures. 


Key Features and Advantages of No-Climb Horse Fence

Secure Enclosure Design

Prevents horses from attempting to step through, walk down, or climb over the enclosure with a well-spaced configuration of 2 x 4 inches between vertical and horizontal wires. 

No-Climb Horse Fence Details - Stock and Noble

Robust Grid Weaving

Expertly woven into a sturdy grid pattern for unwavering structural stability and resilience. 


Proprietary Square Deal® Knot

Innovative knot design tightly binds wires, preventing sagging or buckling over time. 


Flexibility on Varied Terrain

Maintains exceptional strength and rigidity on uneven landscapes, even under pressure. 


Protection for Horse Hides

A smooth knot surface eliminates the risk of cuts or damage to horse hides during installation. 


Dependable Strength and Durability

Boasts industry-leading strength and durability, ensuring years of trouble-free use. 


Steadfastness through Square Deal® Knot

Enhances stability, preventing sagging and facilitating flexible installation on challenging terrain. 


Enhanced Horse Safety

Smooth knot adds protection, safeguarding horse hides from potential injuries. 

Preventing Stepping Through

 2″x4″ mesh spacing effectively prevents horses from stepping through, maintaining a secure enclosure. 


Resilient Coating

Quality galvanised wire with durable zinc coating ensures weather resistance and protection against wear and tear. 


Aesthetically Pleasing Finish

The painted black finish enhances visual appeal and durability. 


Versatile Installation

Suitable for flat or hilly terrain, offering versatility and practicality. 


Minimised Injury Potential

The strong mesh design’s flexibility minimises the potential for injuries, providing added safety to horses. 


Disadvantages of No Climb Horse Fence

Aesthetic Appeal

Cannot match the beauty of post and rail 

Initial Cost

Higher upfront investment. 


Regular upkeep is required. 


Red Brand’s No-Climb Horse Fence excels in safety, innovation, and durability, making it a premier solution for secure equine enclosures. 


Roll length: 1.2m X 30m 

Price of No Climb Horse Steel Mesh: 

656.70 AUD 

$839.50 NZD

 Including GST 


2. Keepsafe® V-Mesh Horse Fence Or Diamond V Mesh: Strong and Flexible

Horse behind fences - Stock and Noble

The Keepsafe® V-Mesh Horse Fence offers high-quality steel mesh fencing with a focus on strength and horse safety. 


Key Features and Advantages of Keepsafe® V-Mesh Horse Fence 


Continuous V-Mesh Pattern

Distinguished by a springy and resilient texture, the continuous V-mesh pattern adds an extra layer of safety, preventing injuries and safeguarding against fence failure under horse pressure. 

Diamond V Mesh Diagram - Stock and Noble


Heavy Twisted Horizontal Cables

Robust and spaced 4 inches apart, the twisted horizontal cables contribute to exceptional strength and sturdiness. 


Secure Diagonal ‘V’ Pattern

Meticulously wrapped vertical wires around each horizontal cable create a secure diagonal ‘v’ pattern, ensuring a reliable and enduring enclosure. 


Elimination of Cut Wires

Crafted without cut wires that could harm a horse’s hide, prioritising horse safety with meticulous craftsmanship. 


Exceptional Durability

Heavy twisted cables and a secure ‘v’ pattern ensure remarkable durability, providing a long-lasting solution. 


Enhanced Safety

Continuous v-mesh pattern and absence of cut wires minimise the risk of injuries, prioritising horse safety. 


Flexibility and Resilience

The ability to flex under pressure and spring back into shape prevents injuries and maintains fence integrity. 


Predator Prevention

Tight weave and close spacing deter predatory animals, adding an extra layer of security. 


Low Maintenance

Continuous weave construction reduces the need for maintenance and potential harm to horses. 


Galvanised Coating Options

Available with Class 1 galvanised coating to prevent rust, with an additional Class 3 option for enhanced longevity. 


Disadvantages of V-Mesh Horse Fence


It can be more expensive than other types of fences 


It can be difficult to install or repair 


It can rust or corrode over time if not maintained properly 


Price of Diamond V Mesh-  

$1560.90 AUD 

 $1631.85 NZD 

 Prices include GST

The Keepsafe® V-Mesh Horse Fence offers innovation, durability, and equine safety, making it a reliable choice for protecting your horses. 


3. Galmax Max-Loc Horse Fence: Durable Steel Mesh 


Galmax steel meshImage Courtesy Galmax

This steel mesh fencing solution offers a unique smooth knot design, small aperture vertical mesh, and high-quality galvanised wire for safeguarding horses. This product is available only in Australia and not in New Zealand. 


Key features and advantages of Galmax Max-Loc Horse Fence 


Unique Smooth Knot Design

The Galmax Max-Loc Horse Fence features a distinctive smooth knot design strategically crafted to minimise injury risks for valuable animals. This design prioritises safety for horses and other animals, enhancing their well-being when in contact with the fence. 


Small Aperture Vertical Mesh

The fence integrates a specially designed small aperture vertical mesh to prevent horses from stepping through or attempting to walk down the fence. This feature adds an extra layer of protection and reinforces safety measures, ensuring secure containment. 


High Tensile Galvanised Wire

Crafted with 2.50mm high tensile heavily galvanised wire, the Max-Loc Field Fencing range of GalMAX Fencing guarantees durability and an extended lifespan, providing reliable performance over time. 


Enhanced Galvanisation

Every wire component of the Galmax Max-Loc Horse Fence undergoes thorough galvanisation, offering comprehensive protection against rust, corrosion, and wear. This heavy galvanisation has up to 5 times the coating thickness of standard galvanisation which extends the fence’s longevity and maintains its structural integrity. 


Even Spacing and Wire Thickness

With 13 wires featuring evenly spaced 50mm intervals and a 2.5mm thick wire, the fence boasts robust construction and overall strength, ensuring reliable containment. 


Injury Prevention

The unique smooth knot design and small aperture vertical mesh are crucial in preventing injuries to valuable animals, making the Galmax Max-Loc Horse Fence a safer choice for containing horses. 


Extended Lifespan

Utilising high tensile heavily galvanised wire and thorough galvanisation, the fence’s prolonged lifespan reduces the need for frequent replacements and maintenance, providing long-term value. 


Disadvantages of Galmax Horse Fence


Price Consideration

Higher initial costs may affect budget-conscious buyers. 


Limited Variability

The specific design may not suit all situations. 



$495.65 AUD 

For 13-line wires, 50 m roll 

Price includes GST.

Galmax Max-Loc Horse Fence offers superior equine protection for a long time. 



4. X™ Fence®: Seamless Looking Steel Mesh 

X-Fence Steel MeshImage Courtesy X-Fence

X-Fence is a fusion of style, durability, and easy setup. Featuring the innovative X™ knot design, this fencing solution ensures safety and swift installation. There is Xtra life coating on the wire which is claimed to be double the life of galvanised wire. 


Key Features and Advantages of X Fence


Effortless Setup

X™ Fence® simplifies installation, saving time and materials. Ideal for quick and secure enclosure assembly. 


Aesthetic Design

The X™ knot adds a stylish touch, blending harmoniously with any setting. It is made using 10% thicker steel wire than knots in other animal netting. 


Enhanced Security

50mm vertical spacing prevents entanglements, prioritising horse safety. 


Compatible Spacing

Aligns with standard post-spacing, ensuring a smooth transition from traditional fencing. 



The XtraLife coating adds twice the life of traditional Class 3 galvanisation to the X Fence. 


Disadvantages of X-Fence Steel Mesh


Limited Animal Suitability

Tailored for horses, X™ Fence® may not suit all livestock types due to its narrow spacing. 


Initial Cost

While cost-effective in the long run, the initial investment might be higher for budget-conscious buyers. 

Roll Length: 13-line, 50m roll 

Price of X Fence:

$547.00 NZD

GST included.

Choose X™ Fence® for effortless, secure, and visually appealing enclosures that meet your equine needs. 


5. Bayonet Kiwi Know Horse Fence: Easy-to-Install  Steel Mesh 

Bayonet steel mesh

Image Courtesy Bayonet

The Bayonet Kiwi Knot Horse Fence offers an innovative and budget-friendly equine fencing solution, prioritizing affordability and animal welfare. Tailored for equine environments, it serves as an effective alternative to traditional post and rail fencing. With unique design and composition, the Bayonet Kiwi Knot Horse Fence provides key features and benefits for practical and animal-friendly enclosures. This steel mesh is only available in New Zealand. 


Key Features and Benefits of Bayonet Steel Mesh


BayoZal Coated Wire

Crafted from 95% zinc and 5% aluminium BayoZal coated wire, this fence ensures enhanced durability and corrosion resistance, making it ideal for equine enclosures. 


Easy Installation

The Bayonet Kiwi Knot Horse Fence simplifies setup, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional fencing methods. Its design streamlines erection, reducing labour and material costs. 


Safety-Focused Design

Engineered for animal welfare, the fence eliminates sharp edges, ensuring horse safety and minimising injury risks. 


Enhanced Animal Protection

Strategically designed 50mm vertical spacings prevent leg entanglements, providing added protection for horses and foals while minimising leg injuries. 



Compared to traditional post and rail fencing, the Bayonet Kiwi Knot Horse Fence offers cost-effectiveness, appealing to budget-conscious horse owners. 


Corrosion Resistance

BayoZal coating withstands New Zealand’s challenging weather and chemicals, extending the fence’s lifespan. 


Animal Welfare

Minimised injury risks due to the absence of sharp edges and strategic spacing create a safer environment for horses. 


Aesthetic Appeal

The visually pleasing Kiwi Knot design enhances the fence’s aesthetic and versatility for various applications, including sheep fencing, other animal enclosures, and security needs. 


Disadvantages of Bayonet Kiwi Knot Horse Fence 

Tensile Strength Limitation

Suited for smaller animals; may not contain larger or more powerful ones due to the lower tensile wire. 


Application Restrictions

Recommended for specific terrains; may have limitations in certain environments. 


Roll Length: 1.2m x50m, 13-line roll 


 $674.30 NZD

Bayonet Kiwi Knot Horse Fence offers an economical and horse-friendly solution. With innovation, corrosion resistance, and horse welfare in focus, it provides practicality without compromising safety and durability. 


Note: Available in various sizes for customisable applications. 


Which Steel Mesh is Best for My Equine Property? 

You wanted to choose the best and safest steel mesh for your property. Now you know not all steel mesh fences are created equal, and it’s essential to assess various brands and options to ensure the safety and well-being of your horses and the security of your property. 


You’ve learnt the 5 major types of Steel mesh options available today, their key features, advantages and pricing details. Whether you opt for the innovation of No-Climb horse fence, the resilience of Keepsafe® V-Mesh, the durability of Galmax, the practicality of X™ Fence®, or the easy installation of Bayonet, your choice will reflect your dedication to creating a safe and secure environment for your beloved equine companions. 


As you weigh the pros and cons of each brand and their respective offerings, consider factors such as safety, durability, ease of installation, and long-term value. It’ll be worth digging deeper and understanding the fundamentals and applications of steel mesh options. Your choice of steel mesh horse fence will play a pivotal role in ensuring the health of your horses, and your happiness. 


If you have more questions on the specifications, cost or installation of steel mesh or wish to explore other horse fencing solutions book a personalised consultation with our fencing team. One of our experts will call you for a detailed discussion and offer step-by-step guidance to build a safe and beautiful equine property, just the way 

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