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Will the Premium Steel Post & Rail Fencing Rust Over Time? 

Are you looking to build your forever property in Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing? It’s great if you’ve already learnt about why and what makes this beautiful fencing the toughest, safest and most durable fencing solution in the world. 


You are convinced about the value Premium Steel Fencing will add to your property, but are worried about rust stripping away the strength and beauty of your dream fencing? Then continue to read. 


At Stock & Noble, we provide the finest fencing solutions to high-end property owners across Australia and New Zealand. We understand the significance of properties looking beautiful over time without the hassle of maintenance and managing issues like rusting, chipping, flaking and so on. Premium Steel Fencing is our flagship product and one of the easiest-to-maintain horse fencing solutions that helps you avoid the unnecessary maintenance that is common with other types of horse fencing. However, we also realise your concern since this fencing is made of steel, with rust being its biggest enemy. 


In this blog, we will discuss how our Premium Steel Post and Rail fencing is designed to avoid rust and corrosion, keeping your property good-looking, forever. 


You will have all the information you need to decide whether Premium Steel fencing matches your long-term vision and the needs of your property. 


What causes Steel Fencing to Rust? 

Before we talk about why Premium Steel fencing does not rust, it’s worth learning how and what can expose steel fencing to corrosion. 

In simple terms rust happens when steel meets oxygen and moisture, creating iron oxide, or rust. It can spread, weakening steel until it breaks. Over time, a rusted fence might collapse, posing risks to horses and people, impacting the overall beauty and compromising the safety and durability of your fencing. 


Reasons for Rust Development in Steel Fencing:

1. Opening in the fence structure

If there’s any opening in your steel fencing, moisture can seep in and the process of rusting will begin.  

These openings could be a result of: 

  • Screws that are drilled into your fence during installation. 
  • Welding breaking the galvanised coating and again leaving the fence exposed. 
  • When welds are porous and not treated correctly with primer rust will begin to fester.  Metal touching metal:  If metal is not treated with a protective coating or correctly sealed where two pieces of metal are interlinked with each other, water will pool and cause rusting.


2. Metal touching metal: 

If metal is not treated with a protective coating or correctly sealed where two pieces of metal are interlinked with each other, water will pool and cause rusting. 


3. Lime and Concrete Corrosion:

The main features of a good steel fence are to avoid any moisture penetration and metal deterioration and to prevent corrosion caused by concrete. The lime used in concrete is very reactive when it comes in contact with steel. This is mainly noticed when the post is set in concrete, the finished level of the concrete (Ground Level) surrounds the post, where water pools and oxygen drive the corrosion process, eating away the galvanised coating and eventually the steel itself. 

Let’s see how Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing perform against all the possible avenues of rust development. 


Understanding What Premium Steel Fence is Made Of 

This will help us know the various levels of protection built into this engineered fencing system. 

Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing System

Base Steel Layer: It’s the backbone of the fence, providing unmatched strength and stability. 

Zinc Layer: Like a protective shield, it keeps rust and corrosion at bay, ensuring your fence lasts for years. 

Zinc Phosphate Conversion Coating: This layer fortifies the metal, making it resilient against the elements and preparing it for the final touches. 

Epoxy Primer: A sturdy two-fold adhesive that acts as a barrier between the steel and the concrete that goes around the base of each post and also ensures the paint sticks, enhancing durability and longevity. 

Polyester-Based Powder Coat (AAMA2604): Adding colour and protection, this tough coating safeguards against sunlight and scratches, keeping your fence looking pristine. 


How Premium Steel Post and Rail Fence is Protected from Rust 


 1. No Welding Required: No Onset of Rust 

The Premium Post and Rail fencing stands out for its unique construction that requires no welding. Unlike other steel fencing options like Cattle Rail, Blue Dog Fences, and Dunn and Farrugia, where posts are hollow and rails are attached using screws or welding, Stock & Noble Steel Posts uses a rail locking system. This innovative system involves inserting rails into the posts after positioning them, removing the need for welding, screwing, or cutting during installation or rail replacement. This prevents any risk of breaking the galvanisation layer and avoids the risk of rust development. 


2. Steel Protection: Preventing Penetration and Rust Formation

One significant advantage of our Premium Steel Post and Rail fencing is that there is no penetration of steel at any point. The posts feature pre-punched rail openings equipped with rubber grommets, ensuring that no steel is pierced with screws. This design choice reduces the likelihood of rusting or corrosion, as the entire system is sealed to repel moisture. By preventing steel penetration, the fencing system effectively minimises the risk of rust and extends its lifespan. 


3. Seamless Assembly: Shielding Rail Ends from Exposure

Another notable feature of the Premium Post and Rail fencing is the absence of open ends on the rails. Unlike pre-powdered Cattle Rail fencing, which may have exposed rail ends, the Premium Post and Rail system slides and/or pushes together seamlessly without external cutting or fixing. As a result, the ends of the rails that insert into the posts remain covered and protected from exposure to the elements, reducing the risk of rust formation. 


4. Epoxy Shielding: Enhancing Rust Resistance at Ground Level 

The posts of the Premium Post and Rail fencing are equipped with an epoxy layer of zinc, offering added protection against rust. Particularly at ground level where concrete and lime mix, the risk of rust development is higher. By incorporating an additional layer of zinc on the posts, the fencing system effectively repels moisture and prevents rust from forming, ensuring long-term durability and stability. 


5. Stainless Steel Welding: Ensuring Rust-Free Gate Construction 

Lastly, the gates of the Premium Post and Rail fencing are welded using stainless steel wire, further enhancing rust resistance. While welding is required only for the gates in the entire fencing system, Stock & Noble employs stainless steel weld filler to prevent rust formation. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that even the welded components of the fencing system remain corrosion-resistant, maintaining the overall integrity and longevity of the structure. 


When Can Your Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing Rust 

While our premium fencing is well protected against rust in almost all situations, some conditions mainly related to coastal areas can have an impact even on this engineered fencing system. We would advise you to carefully consider this before investing in our steel fencing. 

If your property is within proximity of the coast, the higher salt and moisture content in the air can lead to the rusting of Premium steel fences as with all steel products that are exposed to this environment. While we are highlighting this as a consideration, we are yet to see an adverse performance in the properties that have used our fencing system. 


Confident About Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing’s 

Protection Against Rust? 

Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing is a long-term investment in the beauty of your property, the safety of your animals and your peace of mind. However, it comes at a price and it’s best to be sure of each and every aspect of it before you make your final decision. 


Rust is a known issue in steel fencing overall. Now you know that the Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing System has enhanced rust protection in place. From its design to coating, and installation to maintenance every step and layer is designed to avoid moisture penetration and adverse reactions that could lead to corrosion. 


So, when you invest in our premium solution, what you get is a beautiful fence that stays beautiful, strong and safe for a long time without any maintenance. Here are glimpses of some lifestyle equine properties, created with Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing. They’ll inspire you to visualise your dream equine property. 


If you have any more questions about installation, maintenance, cost or availability of Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing, reach out to our fence experts. They will answer all your queries over a personalised consultation and help you every step of the way to create your forever property just the way you imagined. 


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