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Create Your Signature Property with a Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing System. 

Meet the world’s only engineered Steel Post and Rail Fencing System – The Buckley Fence. Born in the USA, Stock & Noble is the exclusive supplier of this Premium Steel Fencing across Australia and New Zealand. 

This beautifully designed fencing system seamlessly blends high-quality aesthetics with robust protection. It is successful across the globe and is well-known to stand the test of time. 


Key Features of Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing 


Beauty That Lasts Generations: 

Buckley Fence Products are timeless pieces of art that endure for generations. The captivating design and superior quality materials make them a legacy of beauty. 


Top Priority: Horse Safety: 

At Stock & Noble, horse safety is a given. The Buckley Fence system is intelligently crafted to provide a safe and secure environment for your equine companions. The bend, buckle and release system ensures their well-being is never compromised. 


Clever Design for Grandeur: 

The gorgeous design of Buckley Fence ensures a well-styled appearance that stays beautiful for a long time. From one to five rail options, each variant has a role to play across thousands of properties globally. 


Easy Installation, Easy on the Planet: 

Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing is not only easy to install but also environmentally conscious. The hassle-free installation process makes it a favourite among horse owners, while the recycled steel and re-use policy aligns with sustainable practices. 


Strong, Robust, and Hassle-Free: 

Strength and robustness are inherent qualities of steel fencing. It is often touted as the most hassle-free fence available, providing a solid barrier that can last through all kinds of weather and stand strong for decades. 


Round Edges for Ultimate Horse Safety: 

Smooth round edges are a testament to the high importance given to animal safety. Every detail is considered, ensuring that the fencing system provides a secure and comfortable environment for all animals, especially horses. 


Bespoke Gate and Latch System: 

Buckley Fence is a complete system. The matching and unique hingless gate and latch add the finishing touch to this comprehensive equine fencing solution, providing both functionality and style. This is not found in any other fencing system. 


Textured Black or Gloss White Options: 

Tailor your fencing to complement your style with textured black or gloss-white options. These classic fencing colours are known to be timeless and forever in trend. 


Download the Product Brochure for More Information 

For detailed information and specifications on Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing, you can download the product brochure via the following link.

Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing System - Brochure

Ready to Order Premium Steel Fencing for Your Property? 

If you’re creating a signature property and want a strong beautiful fencing that makes a statement, Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing would be the perfect solution for you. Do not settle for ordinary fencing and make your dream property come alive with Buckley fence. 

If you have more questions, want to check the availability of the product or place your order connect with our fencing experts. 

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