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Our Premium Steel Fence is the Strongest. - How We Can Claim This. 

Who would want a fence that will warp, rust, fade, crack or break under pressure? Or need frequent maintenance and costly repairs?  

We assume, no one.  

When you get a fence for your property, you want it to last for decades without any maintenance and give you the maximum security and protection. Being a property owner, you understand the importance of having a reliable and durable fence for your animals as well as your peace of mind. It should keep its looks and strength for decades. 

At Stock & Noble, we recognise these concerns and have dedicated ourselves to providing fencing solutions that address these problems head-on. We help property owners across Australia and New Zealand create their forever properties with long-lasting and premium fencing solutions. Strength is an inherent need to make their dream properties a reality. 

In this blog, we will walk you through what makes our premium steel fence the strongest on the market. By the end, you will understand how our fence’s unique construction and materials provide exceptional durability and why it is the best choice for creating a safe, beautiful and forever property. 


What Features Make Premium Steel Fencing Extra Strong 

Our premium steel fence is designed with several advanced features that make it incredibly strong and long-lasting. Let’s break down these features so you can see why this fence stands out in terms of durability. 


Low Carbon Steel for Flexibility and Strength 

Material Quality: Our steel posts and gates are made from low-carbon steel, similar to ASTM 1020 Steel.  

This type of steel is special because: 

Flexibility: It bends without breaking, which means it can handle pressure and force without snapping. 

Durability: It’s tough and reliable, providing a solid foundation for the fence. 


Specific Steel Thickness for Enhanced Performance 

The rails are made with 1.4 mm steel, which offers: 

Vertical Strength: Can hold up to 544 kilograms vertically. This means the fence can support a lot of weight without sagging or breaking. 

Horizontal Flexibility: Can handle up to 181 kg horizontally with 4 inches of flex. This flexibility helps the fence absorb impacts without damage. 

Post Gauge: The posts use 2 mm steel, which provides: 

Horizontal Strength: Can withstand a force of 544 kg horizontally. This ensures the posts stay strong and upright, even under pressure. 


Optional Z-Bar Reinforcement for Extra Strength 

For added durability, we offer a Z-bar reinforcement option: 

Increased Load Capacity: With this reinforcement, the fence’s horizontal strength increases by 317 kg. This makes the fence even more resistant to side impacts. 

Extra Stability: This reinforcement adds more support, ensuring the fence stays sturdy and secure under various conditions. 


In simple words, the above specifications and features offer the following benefits: 

No Breaking Under Pressure: 

The low-carbon steel is flexible yet tough, making it less likely to break. 

Handles Heavy Loads: 

The specific thickness of the steel ensures the rails and posts can support heavy weights and withstand strong forces. 

Extra Strength Available: 

For those needing even more durability, the Z-bar reinforcement offers additional strength and stability. 


How Premium Steel Fence is Engineered for Maximum Protection 

Galvanised Steel and Self-Healing Properties 

Our premium steel fence is made from galvanised steel treated with a high-quality powder coating. This makes it highly resistant to fading and rust. What makes it unique is its self-healing property, which means that even if the steel gets scuffed, it won’t rust. This feature allows the fence to protect itself without needing extra maintenance. 

The design includes posts, pre-cut to length with morticed slots for rails, so no nails or screws are needed. This not only makes the fence stronger but also makes installation easier. You don’t need to paint it, and it won’t rust, rot, warp, or splinter. It’s truly a hassle-free solution. 


The Five Layers of Premium Protection 

Our premium steel fence is incredibly durable because of its five-layer structure: 

Base Steel Layer: This is the main structure of the fence, providing core strength and support. 

Zinc Layer: Acts as a protective shield against rust and corrosion, keeping the fence safe from rain and moisture. 

Zinc Phosphate Conversion Coating: This coating acts as a barrier, making the metal more durable and adhesive for the next coatings. It ensures the fence is durable and rust-resistant. 

Epoxy Primer:  This extra layer takes the protection to the next level, providing a non-porous surface that can’t be penetrated. Ensuring that there are no chemical reactions between zinc and concrete. Also known as the peace of mind layer. 

Polyester-Based Powder Coat (AAMA2604): This final layer gives the fence its colour and protects it from sunlight, scratches, and weather. It keeps the fence looking good and lasting long. 

These layers work together to create a fence that is strong, weather-resistant, and easy to maintain. 


Know Why Premium Steel Fence is the Strongest Fence for Your Property? 

Choosing the right fence for your property is very important. You need a fence that will last a long time, look good, and not need a lot of maintenance. The main objective is to get a fence that works hard for you and not the other way around. And look gorgeous while doing so!  

Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing is not just a steel fence, but the world’s only engineered steel post and rail fencing system designed to look beautiful for a long time. With zero maintenance.  

Now you know what makes our premium steel fence one of the strongest and most reliable fencing solutions available today. It’s the combination of high-quality carbon steel, optimal gauge specifications, and optional Z-bar reinforcement. Each feature is carefully designed to enhance durability, ensuring that your fence can withstand heavy loads, environmental stresses, and the test of time.  

Another reason for strength lies in its unique five-layer construction. These layers work together to create a fence that is super strong, weather-resistant, and easy to maintain. It’ll be worth learning the top reasons why Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing is chosen by premium property owners as a hassle-free long-term investment. 

Whether you need a fence for your riding school, equine property, or lifestyle space our premium steel fence offers the strength, stability, and peace of mind you need. Along with the stunning looks. If you have any questions on the cost, installation or suitability of this premium fencing, speak to our experts. They will help you every step of the way to build a safe and beautiful property. 


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