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How Premium Steel Fencing Helped Solve Termite Issue in Southern Highlands, NSW. 

Jones Property Video - Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing - Southern Highlands

In the heart of the Southern Highlands, NSW, equine property owners faced a challenge common to the region – termites. As residents since 2007, the decision to address this issue became crucial, especially with the imminent plan of retiring and renovating the property. 


Only 10 years earlier the decision was made to install new hardwood timber with assurances of its durability over time. However, the location being a termite capital made them realise that hardwood would not even last 10 years with susceptibility to these efficient wood-eating insects. While treated pine was an option, the prospect of horses chewing on it raised concerns. 


They wanted a durable fence that would withstand termites, rot, bushfires, cribbing and most importantly help them build a beautiful equine property they could retire in. If you are facing similar hurdles while creating your dream equine property, then keep reading. 


This blog unfolds the story of equestrians’ journey, revealing the choice they made to solve the termite problem while enhancing security, looks, and the overall value of their equine property.  


Discover how Stock & Noble’s Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing became the reliable protector, bravely facing the challenges brought by time and termites. 


Watch the makeover of forever equine property in Southern Highlands. 

Here’s a video where you can directly watch the experience of the client and the opinion of the installer. 



In contemplating their options, along with the visual appeal and termite protection, the safety provided by metal fencing during bushfires became critical. The idea that the horses could find refuge behind sturdy metal fencing in the face of fire added an extra layer of security. Even if the metal fence were to bear scars from a passing fire, its structural integrity promised to remain intact. 


The Installation Experience: Impressions of Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing 

As the fencing installer narrates in the video, Jenny and Robert, the clients seeking a reliable fencing solution, initiated the journey. Though he was apprehensive about the potential cost, their knowledge about the product and unwavering conviction intrigued him.  

The arrival of Stock & Noble’s Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing brought forth a new and impressive challenge. The system, a novelty to the installer, stood out with its high-quality manufacturing, thoughtful design, and superior finishes. The pieces, individually packaged, showcased a level of attention-to-detail exceeding industry standards. 


Fencing Installer’s View On Premium Steel vs. Timber Post and Rail Fencing 

According to the Fencing Contractor, comparing the engineered steel fencing system with traditional timber post and rail fencing is futile, as they are fundamentally different. While the initial cost might lean towards the higher side, the long-term benefits of steel fencing overcome the short-term expense.  

The hot galvanised steel fence with architectural grade powder coated finish eliminates concerns of rot and termite damage and common pitfalls of hardwood fences. They also do not need painting, unlike the timber fences on equine properties. 

The sustainable nature of steel, being recyclable, contributes to its favour in an era emphasising environmental responsibility. 

Overall the posts, longer and more robust than their timber counterparts, not only offer a durable finish but also present a more sustainable choice. The installation process mirrors timber, but with a slightly faster timeframe, less environmental impact, and reduced waste – a clear nod to the eco-conscious. 

You can dig deeper into the difference in the installation of premium steel vs timber post and rail fence. 


Meeting Client Expectations: The Aesthetic Appeal 

Jenny’s initial view of the Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing was nothing short of fabulous – a sentiment echoed by the installer. 

As per her, Stock & Noble’s commitment to excellence was evident in the quality of the fence, right down to the latches. She feels that the ability to provide samples before the purchase demonstrated the supplier’s dedication to customer satisfaction, reinforcing the trust in their product. 


ROI and Future Value: A Lasting Investment 

Envisioning the future sale of the property reveals the true return on investment.  

As per the owners, the durability and timeless appearance of the fence would undoubtedly add significant value. Potential buyers, seeking safety, security, and equestrian facilities, would find immediate value in the well-maintained, high-end fencing. 

Jenny believes the collaboration with Stock & Noble, particularly the accessibility of fencing experts throughout the supply and construction phases, proved instrumental. Seeking clarification was met with timely responses, and a personal visit from the professional to inspect the final result highlighted Stock & Noble’s commitment to the project’s success. 


Ready to Choose the Right Solution For Your Fencing Problems? 

To sum it up, the Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing didn’t just solve the issue of termites at the Southern Highlands’s property but elevated the value and aesthetic appeal of the entire property, turning it into a signature one. 


Through the blog and video, Jenny talked about how this premium fence lasts a really long time, and the fantastic service from the fencing supplier makes it a reliable choice. Robert further emphasised that if you are looking for a superior quality fence that stays strong for ages and beats the usual options, go for Premium Steel Post and Rail fencing from Stock & Noble. They bring top-notch quality, commitment, and a lasting positive effect. 


So, in the grand scheme of things, the Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing goes beyond merely tackling termites and rot; it has evolved into a cornerstone, enhancing the overall appeal of equine properties. The lasting durability of this fencing, paired with the outstanding service provided by Stock & Noble, positions them as more than just a solution – they are a trusted recommendation. 


Robert and Jenny’s experience reinforces that when it comes to enhancing the safety, aesthetics, and value of your equine property, decisions must be made with extensive research. Also discussing the options with fencing experts and your installer can prove particularly helpful. 


So, if you’re looking to make a smart, long-term investment in your equine lifestyle, Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing could be the right choice. However, every property is different and it’s best to explore different post and rail fencing options before saying yes to a fence. So learn as much as you can to make the right decision for your dream equine property.  

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