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Cattle Rail Vs. Premium Steel Post and Rail: Which is the best horse fencing solution? 

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Cattle Rail vs Premium steel post and rail

Fencing is an essential investment for farmers, ranchers, and horse lovers. But choosing the right fencing solution is not always easy, especially with so many options available in the market.  


In this blog, we will compare two of the most popular Steel post and rail fencing solutions: Cattle Rail and Premium Steel Post and Rail (Buckley). We will equate these two solutions based on quality, performance, longevity, maintenance, availability, installation, and cost. 


At Stock & Noble, we provide the finest fencing solutions to high-end properties. We are the exclusive supplier of Premium Post and Rail fencing system called Buckley across Australia and New Zealand. It’s our flagship product and though the bias is obvious, we understand it’s a premium fencing solution and is not perfect for every property.  


Cattle Rail has been the go-to fencing option for many farmers, ranchers, and horse lovers in Australia for decades. However, with the introduction of Premium Steel Post and Rail, the market has witnessed a shift in preference towards this solution.  


Based on our years of experience and expertise in creating equine properties with Steel post and rail fencing, we will analyse the pros and cons of both Cattle Rail and Buckley to help you make an informed decision on which fencing solution is the best fit for your property. 


Property Recommendations: Cattle Rail vs. Buckley Steel Post and Rail 

When it comes to choosing to fence for your property, there are a lot of factors to consider. The type of property you own and your intended use for it are essential elements that should influence your decision. Here are some recommendations on which fencing option to choose based on these considerations. 


Cattle Rail is a popular option for commercial and domestic properties that require a durable and long-lasting fencing solution. It is easy to maintain and cost-effective over time compared to other post and rail options. Before the introduction of Buckley to Australia, Cattle Rail was the only option for steel posts and rail fencing. As a result, high-end properties across Australia often featured Cattle Rail as their fencing solution. 


Buckley is an excellent choice for premium equine properties and both commercial and domestic properties where the first impression is essential.


It offers a signature look that can make your property stand out. Buckley is also suitable for entryways or presentation areas in commercial properties. We have worked on numerous projects where clients purchased the property intending to develop a high-end property from the ground up, and Buckley was the fencing of choice. It’s frequently picked by horse lovers who want to create high-end, signature properties.  


While Cattle Rail remains popular for commercial and high-end properties, newer properties are now choosing Buckley for its premium look and versatility. 


The difference in quality: Cattle Rail vs. Buckley Steel Post and Rail 

The main difference between Cattle Rail and Premium Post and Rail fencing lies in their quality. The thickness of the steel used in Cattle Rail can vary, with thicker steel lasts longer.  


However, Buckley fencing is a standard-sized steel fencing system. It has an added epoxy layer over the steel which prevents concrete from corroding the steel. This is an issue with Cattle Rail fencing, causing it to deteriorate soon after installation. 


Buckley fencing is considered of higher quality due to its design. Unlike Cattle Rail, it does not require screws or welding and is thus less likely to rust. Additionally, Buckley fencing comes in a powder-coated black or white finish which gives it a more premium appearance compared to the standard steel finish of cattle rail fencing.  


The difference in Longevity: Cattle Rail vs. Buckley Steel Post and Rail 

When it comes to longevity, both Cattle Rail and Premium Steel Post and Rail fencing have a lifespan of over 30 years.  


However, while Cattle Rail may not have the same features as Buckley, it is possible to purchase thicker steel which can prolong its lifespan. In this way, Cattle Rail can be a durable option for those looking for a cost-effective fencing solution.  


Nevertheless, Buckley fencing still stands out in terms of its added epoxy layer which prevents concrete from corroding the steel, as well as its thoughtful design that reduces the likelihood of rust. Buckley also offers a 15 years warranty on the complete system including paint. 


The difference in performance: Cattle Rail vs. Buckley Steel Post and Rail 

In terms of performance, both Cattle Rail and Buckley fencing is effective at their intended purpose. However, Buckley fencing surpasses Cattle Rail in safety and design.  


The unique bend, buckle, and release rail design of Buckley fencing makes it safer to use compared to cattle rail. Moreover, the added epoxy layer provides extra protection against corrosion, ensuring that the entire system remains robust and reliable. 


Buckley fencing also boasts additional design features such as the Ezy latch and the sag-free, hinge-free gates, making it a complete fencing system. The Ezy latch is popular among horse owners as it prevents horses from opening the gate with their mouths and can be easily opened and closed while on horseback.  


EZY LATCH - horse gate - horse property


Overall, Buckley fencing is the preferred solution for a complete fencing project.  


The difference in design: Cattle Rail vs. Buckley Steel Post and Rail 


Cattle Rail design variations 

One of the challenges of comparing the looks and design of Cattle Rail and Buckley fencing is the variations in the design of Cattle Rail.  


With Cattle Rail, you can choose from skinny or wider posts, providing a large range of options that can help reduce the cost of your project.  


However, this advantage can sometimes be a disadvantage as choosing the wrong dimensions for your fence can result in a flawed design. In contrast, Buckley fencing is a standard engineered system, and you know what to expect from its looks. 


Buckley Fencing: Aesthetically High Impact 

Buckley fencing has a visually appealing design that can significantly enhance the overall appearance of your property.  


The rails used in Buckley fencing are larger and wider than those used in Cattle Rail, giving the fence a more traditional post-and-rail look. Furthermore, since there are no screws or welds required, it is easy to replace damaged parts.  


Buckley posts have a large radius, making them rounded and safer than square posts. This design feature can prevent injuries and enhance the overall appearance of the fence. 


Commercial horse studs have provided feedback stating that horses are often injured on welded Cattle Rail fences, as it is rigid. In contrast, Buckley’s design ensures safety, making it a preferred option. 


Customisation Options: Cattle Rail vs. Buckley Steel Post and Rail 

While Buckley fencing comes pre-cut and pre-designed, Cattle Rail allows for customisation to suit challenging areas of a project. For instance, if you need to build a stand for a water trough or need extra-long posts and rails, Cattle Rail can be customised to meet your specific needs. 


Buckley offers reinforced rails that are 70% stronger than the bend and release rails, making them a great option for stallion yards or areas that require extra strength. 


The difference in horse safety: Cattle Rail vs. Buckley Steel Post and Rail 

The difference in safety between Cattle rail and Buckley fencing system comes down to the design of bend, buckle, and release rails. Cattle rail has no give and can cause injuries to horses. In contrast, Buckley’s rails are designed to flex on impact, preventing serious harm.  


It can withstand day-to-day bumps and kicks but will buckle on direct running impact. It has rounded smooth edges with no nails or screws, reducing the risk of cuts to horses’ delicate skin. 


Additionally, Buckley’s gates have no hinges and are equipped with a latch that cannot be opened by horses, enhancing the overall safety of the system. 


The difference in availability: Cattle Rail vs. Buckley Steel Post and Rail 

The premium steel post and rail fencing is exclusively available from Stock and Noble. We have two main stocking locations in Melbourne and Newcastle, from where we can ship directly to the site.  


On the other hand, Cattle Rail is widely available at most local steel supplier companies.  


However, the quality of Cattle Rail can vary, making it difficult for the end consumer to assess without prior experience. It is recommended to seek guidance from the seller regarding the quality, with local Australian-made cattle rail being a good option. Imported versions are also available but require careful consideration. 


The difference in maintenance: Cattle Rail vs. Buckley Steel Post and Rail 

Maintaining Buckley rails is simple as they can be easily replaced. In contrast, cattle rail requires regular painting and welding of rails for maintenance. 


Moreover, Premium Steel Post and Rail fencing is pre-powder coated with an architectural grade coat and require no painting. This coating also protects it from rust and therefore there’s no need for regular maintenance or priming. 


Cattle Rail is unpainted and if you want to add protection and elevate its looks, you need to apply premium quality steel paint which has a separate cost and effort to it. 


The difference in cost: Cattle Rail vs. Buckley Steel Post and Rail 


The average cost of Cattle Rail is $89 to $97 per metre.  

The cost of 100 metre 3 Rail Steel Pipe fence is: $9700   


Cost of Premium Steel Post and Rail Fence: 

$87 per metre – 1 Rail system (no gates)  

$123 per metre – 2 Rail system (no gates)  

$157 per metre – 3 Rail system (no gates)  

$193 per metre – 4 Rail system (no gates)  


The cost of 100 metres 3 Rail Buckley fence is: $15,700   


When comparing the cost of fencing, it’s important to take into account both the initial purchase price and installation costs.  


While Buckley fencing is near twice the cost of Cattle Rail, the installation cost for Cattle Rail is 40% more expensive.Thus, it’s important to look at the whole picture. 


For example, on a property size of 1.1 km, the cost of Buckley fencing would be $157,000 with an additional installation cost of $50,000.  

In comparison, the cost to supply Cattle Rail would be $83,000 with an installation cost of $74,000. 


Also, it’ll be worth learning why Buckley Steel Post and Rail Fencing costs more than standard horse fencing solutions. 


To receive a comprehensive quote, including installation costs based on your property’s size, please contact our fencing expert 

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What are you going to choose: Cattle Rail or Premium Steel Post and Rail fencing? 

You are building your dream equine property using a Steel post and rail fencing and wanted to know which is better steel fencing for your property. 


Overall, both Cattle Rail and Buckley Fencing have their advantages and disadvantages. However, Buckley fencing’s aesthetically high impact, safety features, and easy-to-replace parts make it a preferred option. On the other hand, Cattle Rail’s customisation options can be advantageous for challenging areas of a project. 


If aesthetics and safety are their top considerations, then Buckley is the best choice. As the name suggests, Cattle Rail is designed for cattle and it’s not ideal for horses.  


Although the cost may be a significant factor, if you are building a signature equine property, Buckley is the better solution. However, we understand that some consumers may still choose Cattle Rail, and we respect that.  


A good solution to manage cost could be to consider choosing Buckley for high-traffic areas and locations that have more visibility. For other areas on the property, Cattle Rail may be a more economical option while still providing adequate functionality. There are more ideas to help you achieve the look you want by using multiple fencing solutions.  


In summary, choosing the right fencing for your property is crucial. When deciding between these two fencing options, it’s important to consider your specific property needs and goals.  


Whether you choose Cattle Rail or Buckley, both options offer durable and long-lasting solutions that can enhance the value and aesthetics of your property. If you have more questions on Steel Post and Rail fencing connect with one of our experts for a personalised consultation to get detailed answers.  

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