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Three Surprising Reasons Horse Owners choose Horserail Horse Fencing

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When we first started in the fencing industry, there was one word we seemed to keep hearing. Horserail, Horserail, Horserail. It was all we seemed to hear was this word Horserail. In this blog, I will drill into some of the reasons why Horserail is regarded as the workhorse in the horse fence industry.  Our opinion on this post and rail style horse fence is that it ticks most boxes for most horse owners, fencing contractors, equine vets and property owners.  Is it the perfect horse fence? No… but it comes very close for the majority.  It is not the right solution for some, so please take our comments as general. So moving on, the critical question is why are most horse owners and fencing contractors in Australia so obsessed with horserail horse fences.

1. Social Proof

While this is rarely said, the fact is that ‘social proof’ plays a massive part in our decision making… even on things like horse fencing.  Have you ever been in the scenario where you’re trying to choose which restaurant for lunch, and you end up going to the one that has more people in it? Our brains unconsciously think that if everyone else is buying dinner here, then it must be good!? It’s a fairly safe bet and mostly seems to work.  Horserail fencing is used and preferred by many major horse studs and thousands of horse owners across fencing Australia. Whilst we all know we shouldn’t make decisions based on what others think or do, it does help to know that if thousands of horse owners have used and are happy with Horserail fencing, then there is a high chance I will be too.  And it is a product I can confidently tell my friends about, knowing this fencing houses some of the most expensive horses in the world.

2. Easy

Horserail has nailed the design of this fence product where the fencing contractor loves putting it up. It is light work as the fence posts, and rails are nowhere near as heavy as hardwood timber. It is quick to install, which generally means the contractor makes a good profit (profit is not an unhealthy word, we like to hear of fellow Australians prospering!). Lastly, the fence has excellent aesthetics, so it is easy to achieve a beautiful looking fence. Finally, the farm managers or owners/operators find it easy to maintain. Not a lot can go wrong with it, and if it does, the Horserail is quick and simple to rectify/tension.  No painting, stripping, crumpling, notching.  As the owner of Horserail says… ‘Just buckle it up.’

3. Cost

Horse fencing appropriately done is not a cheap exercise if you’re in it for the long haul. However, intelligent operators know that if they invest time and money into their premium Horserail equine fencing first up, it will pay their dividends in the long run. The Horserail fence solution, in comparison to other horse fencing options, is surprisingly cost-effective given the associated benefits – not just in the product itself, but you can save money on installation as well, given how quick and easy it is to install. The consultants at Stock & Noble encourage all their clients to run the maths on the product’s lifetime. In other words, work out your entire budget and then divide by the expected lifetime of your fence. Of course, it isn’t the only factor in deciding, but it may help you eliminate some other horse fencing options that will need replacing in a few years.  A saying we often quote to our equine fencing clients is ‘not to make long term decisions based on short term adv0antages’ you will notice we haven’t included the most commonly talked about feature, and that is safety.

At stock and noble, you can take any product we include in our range that ‘safety’ is a given. It’s like buying an expensive car these days. You know that it will be safe. If you’re interested in anything about horse fencing, particularly Horserail Horse fencing, please do not hesitate to reach out to the team at Stock & Noble for a conversation.

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