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3 Reasons Not to Choose Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing. 

You are looking to create your forever property and love our Premium Steel Post and Rail fencing. However, with multiple post and rail fencing solutions out there it’s a tough decision. We understand it’s your dream property, a big investment and you want the fencing to be right and to align with your vision, needs and budget.  


If you’ve already learnt all about the world’s only engineered steel post and rail fencing system and evaluating if it’s right for you then keep reading. 


At Stock & Noble, we provide the finest fencing solutions to high-end properties across Australia and New Zealand. We’ve helped numerous clients build their signature properties using our Premium Steel Post and Rail fencing. While it is a globally successful and proven fencing solution, it’s essential to consider specific factors before making a purchase decision.   


This blog will help clarify if our Premium Steel Post and Rail is the right fit for you and your requirements. We will list the top factors we ask our clients to consider before choosing this fencing solution. In the end, you will have the confidence to decide whether to go ahead with this beautiful, strong, safe and long-lasting fencing solution or not.  


Factor #1: Budget Constraints 

Before diving into any fencing project, it’s crucial to evaluate your budget. Stock & Noble’s Premium Steel Post & Rail fencing, known for its durability and longevity, comes with a price tag that may not fit everyone’s financial plan. If you’re working within a tight budget, exploring alternative fencing options that are lower in cost might be a smarter choice.   

Here are some tips that can help you if the fencing quote exceeds your budget. Also if you really want to have this beautiful fence on your property, you can explore the option of multiple fencing. 


Factor#2: Preference for Chunky Timber Aesthetics 

If you have a particular liking for the chunky, traditional look of timber fencing, Premium Steel Post & Rail may not align with your aesthetic preferences. This is a new-age post and rail fencing with a chic and contemporary minimalistic design. Choosing a timber fence could better capture the old-world charm you desire for your property.   

It’ll be worth digging deeper into the comparison between Premium Steel and Timber Post and Rail fencing. Also, if the wood is your way check out our range of high-quality hardwood post and rail fencing. 


Factor #3: Custom Requirements

Only Classic Black and White Post and Rail 

Our Premium Steel Post & Rail fencing offers a classic colour palette of black and white typical to signature properties. If you have a specific colour scheme in mind to complement your property or landscaping, check out other fencing materials that offer a broader spectrum of colours.   


Engineered System with Standard Sizes 

Premium Steel Post and Rail is an engineered fencing system, and the sizing has been achieved with careful consideration to be the most effective and meet the needs of 98% of property owners. We don’t offer custom post sizes or post spacing.

Also, the Premium Steel gate is not customisable and comes in 3 standard sizes. This gate is a part of the Post and Rail Fencing System and seamlessly blends into the fence line. 


Is Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing Right for Your Property? 

You are on the verge of choosing Premium Steel Fencing but are uncertain. The factors above will help you make the correct decision. If you are on a limited budget and want the look of chunky timber or specific coloured fencing for your property, the best way forward is to explore other post and rail fencing solutions. There’s a ton of information in our comprehensive Fencing Guide about different fencing solutions, and their pros and cons. It will answer all your questions in detail and equip you with the knowledge to head down the right path. 


Also, while you’ve learnt why not to choose this fencing, it’ll be worth finding out the top reasons that make our Premium Steel Post and Rail fencing a long-term lucrative investment. 


For personal guidance, book a free consultation with our experts, who will discuss a range of fencing solutions based on your needs and help you every step of the way to create a safe and beautiful property. 

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