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Our 5 Worst Fencing Projects – Lessons Learned 

Toughest Fencing Projects

Have you ever felt extremely frustrated, tired, stressed, and overwhelmed when trying to build a fence for your property? The struggle is real, and making sure your fencing matches your vision, your horses are safe, and everything happens in time and within budget can be way tougher than we imagine. 


Here at Stock and Noble, we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs while working on some tough horse-fencing projects. Being in the fencing industry for years and helping our clients build their signature properties from start to finish, we get it. At times, it’s no walk in the park. 


When we were discussing how to write this blog, we weren’t sure whether we should be sharing our challenges, especially those where we were at fault, out in the open. But then again at Stock & Noble, we value honesty the most and believe there are lessons we learnt that can be invaluable to someone who is having a tough time building their dream property. Or at least feel less alone in the middle of the fencing storm. 


The world of horse fencing can be as unpredictable as the animals themselves, with unreliable contractors, unforgiving weather, and demanding landscapes. We have faced these challenges head-on and emerged with a wealth of knowledge that we are eager to share. Our goal is to equip you with the expertise and insights needed to handle tough fencing situations confidently. 


In this blog, we will dive into our experiences, offering lessons we learned and practical advice that will prove useful for your fencing projects. By the end, you will know what could probably go wrong and be better prepared to face the fencing challenges that might arise on your project and property.  


Our First Big Challenge: Unreliable Installer at Horse Stud in Southern Highlands 

Let’s talk about our first major hurdle at the horse stud down in the Southern Highlands. It wasn’t just one issue; it was a bunch of issues that made this project a real headache. 

It started as a promising fencing project on a horse stud, a client placing their full trust in us, and the excitement of tackling our first large Horserail project. 

However, the fencing contractor turned out to be incompetent, unreliable and not trustworthy. 

This really muddied the water when you include the mix of bad weather, a very patient and trusting client and a supplier remote from the location. 


The Problems We Faced

Unprofessional Installer:

Dealing with a contractor who wasn’t exactly professional or dependable. The client had to let them go. (It took us some time, but we managed to find a reliable contractor who finally got the job done.) 


Stock & Noble had to bear extra costs:

This whole thing cost us a ton of time and money. The customer was ultimately happy with Stock & Noble’s commitment to sticking with the client and the project to see it through to a satisfactory result, but the overall experience was far from smooth. 


Tough management for the client:

 The project dragged on for more than a year, and during that time, the client had to handle not only the project but also had to manage moving horses around the property using temporary fencing all while the rain just kept coming down.  


Reason for the setback

Almost 90% of the issues were because of the installer. They didn’t keep their word, and as the client quoted it would have been great if they had communicated more with them. 

In hindsight, the client realised they should have raised these concerns with Stock and Noble. 


Lessons learned

Vet your installers thoroughly and communicate with the supplier 

Ask for concerns, look for good communication skills and seek recommendations from trusted sources to avoid such problems. 

If the installer isn’t able to deliver, let the fencing supplier be aware of your concerns well in time. 


With all these lessons under our belt, we made our process better, developed a list of reliable installers and ensured that our clients had the smoothest experience possible. 


The Second Fencing Challenge: Rocky Conditions in Northern Sydney 

It all started when we won a project in the rocky terrains of Northern Sydney during the historically wettest year in a century. 

We had recommended a fencing installer for a property that we discovered was almost completely shelf-rock below the layer of topsoil. Unfortunately, the installer brought the wrong machinery to the site and failed to communicate that they had never handled rocky conditions before. As a result, the client swiftly dismissed them. 


The Problems We Faced


Search for a new installer:

We had to restart the search for new installers, had to personally visit the site to assist the customer in finding a new installer 


Partially completed project:

The property, which spanned 10 acres, was only partially fenced. This left the client struggling to manage horses with a heap of post holes left open creating a perfect trap for the horses legs which could result in broken legs or worse. 


Extra cost:

Some fencing materials had been installed incorrectly and had to be removed and replaced, leading us to bear the cost of the materials, even though the errors were not our fault. Stock and Noble is always determined to make things right for the customer, regardless of the hurdles we face along the way. 

Eventually, after a prolonged period and considerable effort, the project was successfully completed, leaving behind a satisfied customer. However, the process wasn’t without its share of challenges. 


Lessons Learned


Find a local and experienced installer. Almost 90% of the issues were once again linked to the installers’ capabilities. 


To prevent a similar scenario, we now prioritise finding local professionals well-versed in working with rocky landscapes, excellent in communication, and familiar with the challenges posed by such conditions. 


Our Third Most Difficult Project: Impractical Management at Euroa, Victoria  

A few years ago, we won a project to install Horserail fencing at Euroa, Victoria. The experience brought us face-to-face with several hurdles, primarily due to a challenging and highly involved customer.  

We assumed the standard process of delivery and other aspects of fencing that work for all our clients would make things smooth here as well. However, we were proved wrong.  


The Problems We Faced


Absence of delivery equipment on site:

The lack of essential equipment hampered the project’s progress, resulting in delays and complications that could have been avoided with better planning and organisation. 



Terms were dictated by the client and we got influenced. We swayed away from our already established process of supplying fencing which led to problems at every stage of the project, making it an unpleasant experience for all. 


Lessons Learned 

Establish Clear Process: The experience emphasised the importance of clearly outlining project processes, regardless of external pressures. Adhering to established methods is crucial to ensure a smooth and efficient project flow. 


Clear Communication: The expectations should be set right from the start, and this will help smooth the entire process. 


By following tried and tested approaches, we now minimise potential disruptions and maintain a consistent workflow, leading to a successful project outcome for all involved parties. 


The Fourth Toughest Fencing Project: Challenges with following CAD plans at the West NSW  

Every project is extremely important to us, and we tend to be extra careful with all the details when the client is building their dream property remotely. One such project was of a beautiful equine property in West New South Wales. 

This horse fencing project came with its share of complications, primarily due to an error in the CAD plans provided by Stock & Noble.  This was 100% our fault which wasn’t helped by the fact that the installer blindly followed our measurements rather than seeing them as a guide. 

We accept that we should’ve added a disclaimer on the CAD plan saying: 

 “These are broad guidelines. On-site measurements and assessment are required for proper installation” 


Problems we faced


Remote client:

The client, located interstate, was overseeing the construction remotely, leading to miscommunications and misunderstandings in the absence of direct on-site management. 


Lack of accountability:

The fencing contractor’s reluctance to take responsibility added to the complexity of the situation, resulting in a significant setback for both the client and our team at Stock and Noble. 


Extra Cost to Stock & Noble: 

Despite the challenging circumstances, our team took proactive measures, driving to the site and investing almost $15k to rectify the problems. 

We were dedicated to delivering a successful outcome for our client, providing all necessary replacements and adhering to their requests. 


Lessons Learned: 

Effective Communication: Prioritising transparent communication with clients and contractors is essential for project success. 

On-Site Assessments: Relying solely on CAD plans can lead to discrepancies, emphasising the need for thorough on-site assessments. 

Adaptability: Flexibility and proactive problem-solving are critical when facing unexpected challenges. 


Post this project, we recognised the need for more comprehensive guidelines on our plans and manuals. Thus we made significant changes to the plans, emphasising the importance of on-site measurements and proper implementation. 


Ready to Face Your Fencing Challenges with Confidence? 

 As they say – “If you don’t fail, you don’t learn. If you don’t learn, you will never change.” 


The journey through our top five most challenging fencing projects has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride, filled with highs, lows, and countless valuable lessons. The experiences we shared will guide you to face your fencing challenges head-on. You now know the potential pitfalls, from unreliable contractors to unforeseen project management issues, and be better prepared to tackle them on your property. 


We’ve realised that with the wealth of experience gained, many of these issues could have been prevented. The initial problems, largely stemming from unreliable installers, have prompted us to develop a network of dependable fencing contractors. Building this network has been a challenging yet invaluable process, requiring substantial time and effort to establish reliable and trustworthy connections.  


If you’re about to start your fencing project, the first step for you could be to learn how to find the best horse fencing contractor for your project. After this, if needed you can connect with our experts to recommend a suitable installer around your location.  


As a growing company, each experience has served as a great learning opportunity. These mistakes have shaped our growth and strengthened our commitment to delivering superior service and exceptional results to you. We continue to evolve and refine our processes, driven by the lessons learned from these experiences.  


We hope that, armed with the lessons we’ve shared, you’ll be ready to take on your fencing projects with newfound confidence. Whether it’s vetting installers thoroughly or adapting to unexpected hurdles, we’re here to help you every step of the way to build your dream property.

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