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To Add or Not to Add: Exploring Hot Weather Additive for Fence Paint 

Hot weather additive for fence paint

Are you looking to refresh your fences? In the world of fence painting, where weather conditions can often play the role of an unpredictable enemy, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference. 


If your property is located in a hot and dry area, or you are looking to paint your fences on a scorching summer day, then a Hot weather additive can be a game-changer. It could be the secret weapon that transforms your painting project from a potential headache into a smooth and successful endeavour. Imagine having those freshly painted beautiful fences around your property, without a ton of effort. 


Some premium fence paints like Forever Black and Forever Steel come pre-infused with hot weather additives, so if you are using these premium paints, you are already covered. However, if you are using standard fence paints it’s essential to assess whether your chosen paint requires it. 


At Stock & Noble, we provide the finest fencing solutions to high-end property owners across Australia and New Zealand. Our Master Blend range of fence paints is one of the most successful products developed by paint experts after years of research. Hot weather additive is also a part of our fence paint range, and this article will give you further insight into whether you need to add it to your fence paint or not. 


In this article, we’ll dive into the specifics of Hot Weather Additive, its need, usage, and application, as well as its pros and cons. You’ll learn the truth about this product and will have all the information you need to make a decision that’s best for your fences. 


It’s important to note, that we are only focusing on the Hot Weather Additive that’s available separately and not reviewing the additive added to the premium fence paints. 


What is a Hot Weather Additive? 

Hot weather additive is a specially formulated solution from Stock & Noble made to enable smoother application of fence paint in challenging weather conditions across Australia and New Zealand. 


When the temperature is high, water evaporates from the paint causing it to thicken and become difficult to apply. This can lead to poor application. 


This additive is designed to slow down the drying process of water-based paints, making them more manageable and ensuring a smooth application. 


Hot Weather Additive – 1L 

Price: $39.60 inc. GST 


It’s worth noting that Hot Weather Additive doesn’t add any UV protection or protect the fence paint from heat post application on the fences. It’s useful while applying the paint and gives a smoother finish. 


What is the Need for Hot Weather Additive? 

Painting in extremely warm and dry conditions can present several challenges. Under these circumstances, water-based acrylic paints tend to dry too quickly, causing them to thicken and making it difficult to achieve a professional finish. This is where Hot Weather Additive comes into play. It’s specifically designed for use in the following conditions: 

High temperatures (30°C and above) 

Low humidity 

Dry porous surfaces 

Windy conditions 

Large areas that pose wet edge challenges 


How to Use Hot Weather Additive with Fence Paint? 

Hot Weather Additive is easy to use. Simply add up to 5% of the additive to your water-based acrylic paint. It’s compatible with a range of coatings, including Classic black, Forever black, and Forever white. 



The application process is straightforward. Mix the Hot Weather Additive with the paint according to the label instructions of the coating you’re using. The primary purpose of this additive is to extend the drying time of the paint, allowing for smoother and more even application. This means you’ll have a longer window before needing to apply another coat, which can be crucial under certain conditions. 


Pros of Hot Weather Additive for Fence Paints 


Increased Working Time

The most significant advantage of using Hot Weather Additive is that it extends the working time of water-based coatings. This is especially beneficial when you’re painting in high temperatures, where rapid drying can be a constant challenge. 


Improved Levelling

 The additive enhances the paint’s levelling properties, which is particularly important in warmer weather. It helps prevent issues like brush drag, clogging, and poor lapping that can occur when the paint dries too quickly. 


Reduces Application Challenges

By slowing down the drying process, Hot Weather Additive minimises common application challenges, ensuring a more professional finish, even in harsh weather conditions. 


Cons of Hot Weather Additive 


Not Suitable for Oil-Based Paints

 Hot Weather Additive is specifically formulated for water-based paints. If you’re working with oil-based paints, this product won’t be compatible. 


Increased Drying Time

While this is a pro in most cases, it can also be considered a con if you’re looking to complete your project quickly. The extended drying time may require you to plan your painting schedule accordingly. 


Ready to Add the Hot Weather Additive to Your Fence Paint? 

In this article, we’ve explored the need for Hot Weather Additive, its usage, and application process, as well as its pros and cons. Armed with this knowledge, you now have the insights necessary to make an informed decision about incorporating Hot Weather Additive into your fence painting project. 


Painting under challenging conditions, including high temperatures, low humidity, dry surfaces, windy weather, or extensive projects, can be a daunting task without the right tools. Hot Weather Additive, when added to your water-based acrylic paint, extends the working time of the paint, allowing for better levelling and reduced application challenges. 


Like any product, Hot Weather Additive has its limitations. It’s not compatible with oil-based paints, so if your project involves these types of paints, you’ll need to explore other options. Additionally, the extended drying time, while generally a benefit, may require you to adjust your painting schedule. 


In conclusion, Hot Weather Additive is a valuable asset for fence painting in challenging weather conditions. It offers advantages that can make your project more manageable and ensure a professional finish. While it’s essential to remember its compatibility and drying time considerations, with Hot Weather Additive, you have the power to conquer the elements and achieve a beautiful, long-lasting finish for your fences.  


So, whether your property is basking in the Australian sun or enjoying the New Zealand breeze, consider adding this additive to your paint for a project that’s smooth, hassle-free, and ultimately, a success. What will further help you is learning some pro tips on painting your fences.


For any further questions on fence paints, feel free to connect with our experts. They will help you choose the right fencing solutions and make the right decisions. 

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