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Horses Require Specialised Fencing, Others Don't

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How strong are horses? Horses are formidable creatures that are powerful in many ways. They have strong muscles, powerful lungs, and a big heart, which allow them to run quickly and effectively when undertaking heavy labour. The force with which a horse’s body can pull is what makes it such a strong beast.


That makes sense; why they need more specialised fencing. Everything about their senses, body signal, vices (Cribbing, Weaving), and social structure is the reason why owners should choose wisely the correct horse fencing solution in Australia. Let’s see what other animals like sheep, goats and cattle differ from horse fencing. 


Sheep and Goats

A good perimeter fence is needed for sheep and goats, primarily so they don’t wind up becoming a meal for hungry predators! Your fence also has to have an excellent electric charge going through since sheep with thick wool are generally shielded from shocks. Furthermore, because sheep and goats are both short, wires are usually near to the ground.



Cattle are the most adaptable to electric fences. They don’t require as many cables as sheep and goats or even those closest to the ground. The animal’s age determines the number of wires needed for the fence. If your animals are well-trained, a single wire may be all that is required!


Let’s see what we’ve got for Horses.

Unlike cows, goats, and sheep, Horses require a highly visible fence since they prefer to gallop and are considerably quicker. Unfortunately, horses are also much more vulnerable to electric shocks, and they can easily get caught in the wire and hurt themselves. Therefore, it’s usually a good idea to consult an expert before repairing horse fences.



Install your fence at the height of around five feet or more, equivalent to the size of your horse’s eyes with his head upright. If you have athletic jumper horses, it would be a good idea to make them taller. A fence with a high clearance allows horses to graze beneath it, enable a foal or pony to escape, and enable dogs, animals, and children free access.



Is your fence visible? Colour is not a significant element in horse invisibility, but brightness and contrast are. For example, yellow tape and wire mix nicely with green backgrounds. The location of your fence also has a significant impact on its visibility to your horses. Remember that horses tend to gaze to the horizon when galloping since their binocular (using both eyes for better clarity) field of vision is in front of the face.



Your gates and their location are just as essential as the sort of fence you employ. Place your gates so that horses are not crowded while entering or exiting; avoid putting them in corners. Make the gate opening for your Adelaide fence solutions is big enough to allow agricultural equipment to pass through when working on the pastures.


How Stock and Noble can help you? 

Our horse fencing Australia is both strong and adaptable. This allows it to offer a cushioning effect when struck. This fence is ideal for farm boundaries, yards near stables, tracks, and horse arenas. We have delivered horse fences to everyone from the largest stud farms to the average horse lover’s mother and father.


Fencing is a crucial aspect of rotational grazing, which offers a multitude of benefits for your farm. If done correctly, it has the potential to be highly beneficial, resulting in increased production and profitability for your pastures! 

So if you want to take the uncertainty out of your grazing habits, come to Stock and Noble, and we’ll offer you all the assistance you need on your equine fence solutions with no labour.

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