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5 steps to clear your fence line like a pro. 

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If you’re planning to install your dream fencing, the first step is to have a clear fencing line. It’s important to have a ground free of debris, shrubs, trash, trees, rocks and other things that could impede your fencing project. 


The problem is how to clear a fencing line in the best way possible. Should you do it yourself, connect with your fencing contractor or reach out to an expert? 


It’s essential to understand the local requirements and regulations, as well as planning and executing the project correctly. In this article, we will go over the five steps you need to follow to clear a fence line like a pro. 


At Stock & Noble, we help property owners every step of the way to build their signature properties. Based on our experience of providing the finest fencing, insights learnt on live projects and interactions with fencing experts from across the country we will share a step-by-step process to follow and achieve a clear fence line. 


This article is especially useful if your property is subjected to a lot of undergrowth, and you want to install new fencing. In the end, you will be confident to tackle the problem of clearing your fence line and preparing the ground for a successful installation of fencing. 


Step 1: Contact Your Local Shire  

Before starting the clearing project, you need to contact your local shire to obtain their approval. Although you might not require a permit, you do need to adhere to the guidelines regarding how much undergrowth you can clear. 


For instance, for a boundary fence or front fence, you can clear a 10-meter-wide clearing, 5 meters on each side of the fence. On the other hand, for internal fences, you can only clear a 5-meter-wide clearing. It’s crucial to understand the local requirements to ensure everything is legal and avoid any issues that might arise during or after the project. 


Step 2: Get a Specialist for the Job 

Once you have approval and understand the requirements, it’s time to find the right expert to do the job. This might differ from project to project. If it’s a really small area with minimal work involved, then you can take it up as a DIY. Or if you want, you can hire the services of a Fencing Contractor. The choice is yours. 


A Fencing Contractor might be able to assist you with projects that need basic clearing and preparation work. 


Clearing an extensive area with considerable undergrowth would require a Specialist Tree Project Company. 


For instance, on one of our recent projects in Gold Coast, we connected with Arrow Excavation and Total Environmental Concepts. They both are reputable companies that specialise in clearing fence lines. 


Step 3: Plan the Project Thoroughly 

Before beginning the clearing process, it’s essential to plan everything out thoroughly. This includes determining the fence lines’ location and any additional work required, such as clearing undergrowth. 


Mapping the fence line on an interactive tool can help communicate the exact location to the clearing company. 




It’s also essential to conduct a boundary survey to ensure the fence line is precisely on the boundary line. 


Step 4: Get Your Fencing Contractor and Tree Clearing Company to Work Together 

For a successful project, it’s crucial to have your Fencing Contractor and Tree Clearing Company work together. They are both working on the same piece of land, towards the same goal therefore they need to be in sync with the different aspects of the clearing. 



For example, if the Fencing Contractor needs to bring in large machinery or a tractor for post-clearing, the tree-clearing company needs to ensure the area is clear to allow for easy access. 


Additionally, the tree-clearing company needs to remove any stumps or debris to prevent delays caused to the installer’s work that might result in additional charges. 


Step 5: Have a Maintenance Plan 

To prevent the fence line from becoming overgrown again, it’s essential to have a maintenance plan with the Tree Clearing Company. 


Based on your contract, they can regularly visit the site and maintain the area, ensuring it stays clear of undergrowth. 


Pro Tips:  

  1. If you have a Fencing Contractor, they may be able to recommend a company for clearing, but it’s still a separate project that requires a specialist. 

  2. If the ground is uneven, the post and rail fence you may eventually install may also be uneven. When clearing the fence line, take the opportunity to correct the undulating ground. Make any necessary adjustments to create a smooth, flowing fence line that looks great once the fence is installed. 


Are you confident to clear your fence line? 

Clearing a fence line is a crucial step in any fencing project, and it’s essential to follow the right steps to ensure success. By following the five steps outlined in this article, you will be able to clear your fence line successfully. 


It all begins with contacting your local shire to understand the local requirements and regulations. Then, find the right expert for the job, plan the project thoroughly, and have your fencing contractor and tree-clearing company work together. Finally, having a maintenance plan in place will ensure that the fence line stays clear of undergrowth. 


It’s a good idea to take an expert’s opinion who knows the area well and can advise you at the beginning of your project. Here are some tips that can help you in hiring a Fencing Contractor around your location. 


Overall clearing a fence line can be a challenging task, but by following the above process, you will be well on your way to creating your dream fence. With the right preparation, you can be confident that your fence installation will be a success. If you have more questions or need advice on any other areas of fencing like cost, material or installation feel free to connect with our fencing expert for a detailed discussion. They will answer all your queries and help you create a safe and beautiful property. 


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