Yard, Garden, Kennell Fence Mesh

$346.50 inc. GST

  • Industry leading strength and durability provide years of trouble-free dependability
  • Square Deal® Knot prevents Red Brand fence from buckling or sagging; provides extra strength and rigidity with flexibility for ideal installation over hilly terrain
  • Smooth side of Square Deal® Knot protects hides from injury
  • 2”x4” mesh spacing prevents stepping through
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Our wire is precisely formulated and carefully monitored during the manufacturing stage. During manufacturing there is an elimination of impurities to maintain specific alloy formulas. As a result, every vertical and horizontal wire reacts the same to pressure and harsh weather conditions. This means that the entire structure will stretch properly at install and react consistently with temperature changes.

In contrast with other mesh options, if the chemistry isn’t perfect then a fence assembled with uncertain steel origins will likely result in a fence that sags, breaks, or fails prematurely.

Features & Benefits

  • 2”x2” mesh safeguards yards, gardens, toddlers and pets
  • Square Deal® Knot construction prevents fence from buckling or sagging; provides extrastrength and rigidity with flexibility for idealinstallation over hilly terrain
  • Ideal for kennel fencing
  • Economical alternative to chain-link fencing
Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 126 cm
Roll Height


Roll Length



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