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How To Choose The Right Paddock Fencing?

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Many horse owners believe that their horse is happiest when they are out in the open field. Hence, a paddock may give your horse a clean, safe, and regulated environment to exercise, interact, and enjoy being outside. If you’re going to design and build a paddock, make sure it’s the proper size and constructed of the correct materials.

What To Consider First?

When it comes to horse paddock fences, you should consider safety, durability, and cost. Your horse’s fence is designed to enclose and protect him/her, but it must withstand the attentions of horses that bite, chew, paw, and barge against it. What is harmless for a cow, sheep, or goat might be deadly for horses. So, what are the traits that an equine fence or horse fence should have?

  • A good Horse fence should be durable enough to withstand the ongoing wear and tear and daily horse life.  Kicks, spooks, rubbing, leaning, pushing and so on.
  • Fencing should be long-lasting to avoid being broken down by the elements.
  • Sharp corners or barbed wire must not be present in the horse fence.

One of the most common errors made by inexperienced horsekeepers is to utilise a paddock’s current fencing because “it looks great” or ‘“she’ll be right” I can’t afford a new fence just at the moment. This can often turn out to be the most expensive decision in owning a horse due to severe injuries or worse still fatalities.  Every experienced horse owner can speak about when not if their horses have been injured by substandard fencing.

Paddock Sizing Guidelines To Remember

The size of your paddock matters a lot. Overcrowding may lead to competition for both space and resources; thus, if a paddock isn’t big enough for the horse or horses within, the danger of injury increases. In general, a horse’s minimum area allotment in m2 is 2 to 2.5 times the horse’s height at the withers square. Please keep in mind that these parameters are only a starting point; if your land allows, your horse may demand additional room. There should be plenty of area for the horses to canter at their leisure.

Each horse should move around freely, go ahead, turn around, and lie down in a natural resting position. There should also be adequate room for subordinate horses to flee if they get aggressive. You may also need to think about whether you have a stallion, horse, or many horses with particular requirements, such as ill or injured horses, geriatric horses, or a mare and foal area.

The Stock & Noble Legacy fencing

If you are thinking of paddock fencing, you have to consider the material used. Factors that may impact the kind of fence and material used to construct the paddock can include the terrain, climate, budget, termites, your personal preferences around aesthetics as well as the size and temperament of your horses. A great all-rounder we often recommend is the Legacy flexible fencing for paddocks as close to the ‘perfect solution as you will get’

 Why Legacy Fencing?

  • With this amount of adjustability and safety, it’s the closest you’ll come to a classic board fence.
  • Legacy Rail can withstand some of the most severe storms and weather conditions. Unlike a typical wood fence, it is far more durable.
  • Legacy Rail Electric is equipped with cutting-edge hybrid rail technology. A traditional board-style fence with an added zing!

Legacy Fencing is renowned and appreciated for being attractive, safe, and functional while being affordable and long-lasting. Legacy Rail’s flexibility, smoothness, and strength safeguard horses and riders from injury. There’s no need to strip, crimp, or notch the wires, and there are no bothersome exposed wires. Electric fences, timber horse fences, wire mesh fences, and other types of fencing for your paddock are all options.

Learn More About Paddock Fencing Today

Contact us now to learn more about our fence options. One of our experts will be delighted to assist you in constructing an appropriate paddock for your equestrian barn and horses. To get started, contact us or explore the rest of our website. Let’s make your horses’ paddock the best it can be.  Stock & Noble fences make for happy horses.

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