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When you design your forever property, you want nothing but the most beautiful and finest horse fencing solution. One that keeps your favourite animals’ safe looks stunning, is easy to maintain and makes a statement like no other.  


But the best typically comes with a price. Buckley Steel Post and Rail Fencing is no exception.  


It is probably one of the most expensive horse fencing solutions in our country, designed to transform your dream property into a reality.  


The question is why should you spend so much on Buckley Steel Fencing for your horse property? Is Buckley Steel Post and Rail fencing worth it?  


At Stock & Noble, we provide the finest fencing solutions to high-end property owners across Australia and New Zealand. It’s our goal to help create the most beautiful and safe equine properties with globally successful and proven horse fencing products. 

Buckley Steel Post and Rail fencing is our highest-selling product and our pride. We consider it a benchmark in safety and beauty, but we know it’s also one of the costliest fencings and might not be right for you. 


It’s a big decision to invest in this premium steel horse fencing solution and in this article, we will give 6 answers to the most asked question around the price of Buckley – why does Buckley post and rail fencing cost what it costs?  


We will begin with the price of Buckley Steel Post and Rail Fencing and quote the 6 reasons. 

  • Reason #1: Buckley is an engineered Steel Fencing System designed for forever properties 
  • Reason #2: Buckley Steel Post and Rail Fence is almost maintenance free  
  • Reason #3: Buckley Steel Post and Rail Fence is highly durable  
  • Reason #4: Buckley Steel Post and Rail Fence gives you a high ROI 
  •  Reason #5: Buckley Steel Post and Rail Fence is designed to be horse safe 
  • Reason #6: Buckley Steel Post and Rail Fence is environmentally friendly 

In the end, you will have enough information to decide whether Buckley matches your vision and justifies your budget or not. You will be convinced to choose Buckley for your forever property or look for another fencing solution. 


What is the price of Buckley Steel Post and Rail Fencing? 

  • $87 per metre – 1 Rail system (no gates) 
  • $123 per metre – 2 Rail system (no gates) 
  • $157 per metre – 3 Rail system (no gates) 
  • $193 per metre – 4 Rail system (no gates) 

The cost of 100 metres 3 Rail Buckley Steel Post and Rail Fencing System is: $15,100. Including GST. 

For an in-depth understanding of price, you can compare the cost of Post and Rail Fencing solutions. 

Reason #1: Buckley is an engineered Steel Fencing System, beautifully designed for forever properties 

Buckley is the only engineered steel fencing system. It is safe for horses as well as environmentally friendly. It is made with 2-sided pre-galvanised steel, treated with a phosphate conversion coating for added protection and finished with an architectural grade polyester powder coat.  


Here are the 3 things that set the design of the Buckley Horse Fence class apart.

1. Dimensions make a statement.

The dimensions of Buckley are one of the most impressive in Steel Post and Rail fencing. This horse fence is pre-cut and highly visible with rounded smooth edges and no nails, screws or fasteners. The length of the rails allows them to flex for improved horse safety.  

Available in 1,2, 3, 4 and 5 rail options, the dimensions of Buckley rail are:  

  •       Height of post above ground: 1450-1600mm 
  •       Standard rail length: 2900 mm
  •       Rail: 135mm x 38 x 1.4mm rectangular 
  •       Fence posts: 89mm x 130 x 2mm rectangular with radiused corners 

The Buckley rails are 2.9m in length and have a 23° articulation allowance in any direction within each post-opening to readily accommodate a hilly terrain or installation of a round corral yard.   

The Posts are 2.54 metres long means they are buried deeper than what others offer. The additional epoxy coating on Buckley posts protects pre-galvanised steel against lime and concrete.   

In our experience, Buckley Steel post and Rail are especially preferred by clients looking to build their forever properties. 

Watch the review of one such client who built their signature property using this premium horse fence.

buckley horse fencing review



2. The design adds to the strength and stable look of Buckley Steel Post and Rail Fencing

The design of the Buckley Steel fence enhances its strength. Using the patent-pending design, the fence rails can be reinforced with z-bars – adding to its already impressive strength. Rails are easily inserted into posts, so you won’t need nails or screws for installation. 


3. Matching gates complete the flawless fencing line 

The Buckley Steel Fencing system comes with different size gates and rails. A Buckley gate is a standalone system that features a post, larger than a fence post and most of it is buried underground for added strength and stability.  

The gate is the only moving part of the fencing system and is specifically designed to ensure the safety of your horses. No hinges or sharp edges are present on Buckley gates, which swing in both directions and can be opened by horses.  

Gates are typically high in demand and if you’re creating your fencing plan, it’s best to check the availability of stock beforehand. 


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Reason#2: Buckley Steel Post and Rail Fence is almost maintenance free 

Peace of mind is priceless and that’s what you get with Buckley Steel Post and Rail Fencing System. It requires zero to no maintenance and lets you have enough time to spend doing what you love.  

Buckley is one of the easiest-to-maintain horse fencing solutions in Australia and  helps you avoid the unnecessary maintenance that is common with other types of horse fencing.  

Buckley offers all the benefits of steel fencing minus the drawbacks that are associated with it like rust. If you are considering Timber as an option, it’ll be worthwhile learning why Steel Post and Rail fencing is easier to maintain than Timber. 

Here are 4 things that make Buckley a good investment from the maintenance point of view.

1. Buckley Horse Fence is thermally independent so the rails don’t sag or warp 

Buckley Posts and Rails are thermally independent, accommodating any slight expansions or contractions that may occur due to the physical properties of metal. It doesn’t matter what the temperature is, typically the rails remain straight, and the posts are perfectly aligned.   


2. Buckley Horse Fence offers added protection against rust 

The Buckley Steel Posts have a lock spacing system that is inserted in each post and serves to lock the rails in place, eliminating the need for welding, nails or screws or special tools for removal.  

The posts have pre-punched rail openings lined with rubber grommets, and at no point, steel is penetrated with nails or screws thus reducing the likelihood of any rusting or corrosion.   


3. Buckley Horse Fence doesn’t need to be painted 

Buckley Steel Post and Rails are treated with a phosphate conversion coating for added protection and finished with an architectural-grade polyester powder coat.  

Durable and built to last, the protective powder coating on the fencing will most likely not chip, peel, or crack, so maintenance painting is unnecessary. 


4. Buckley Horse Fence is easy to replace 

Buckley is an engineered fencing system, if any of the rails ever get damaged following a storm or falling of trees, Buckley Rail is quick and easy to replace.  


As some of our clients say it’s a 5-minute job. 

steel fencing gates

5. Buckley Horse Fence offers well-designed gates  

In addition to fencing, the gate is the largest area where you can avoid maintenance. Using the Buckley latching gate system, you get an easily operated, hinge-less, highly engineered gate. It’s reliable, easy to install, and can’t go wrong. This claim is too bold, but we know it’s true. At least until now.  

Reason #3: Buckley Steel Post and Rail Fence is highly durable 

The Buckley Steel Fencing System has a manufacturer’s warranty of 15 years, which applies to the fencing system as well as the coating. However, the life expectancy of this horse fence is over 30 years and it has all the benefits that come with the strength of steel. 

There are other Steel post and rail options available as well. If you want to explore more, you can deep dive into which Steel post and Rail is best for you and your property. 

Here are 3 things that make Buckley a good choice when it comes to durability.

 1. Sturdy enough to contain animals

It is designed to bear the pressure of large, spirited animals and stand tall and straight despite chewing, pushing and leaning. 


2. Stands against adverse weather conditions 

Gusty winds, storms, heavy rainfall or harsh sun. Buckley Steel Fencing System is typically strong enough to face the weather in Australia and New Zealand. 


3. Made of strong fencing material

It is much stronger and more durable than your typical wooden horse fencing. Made of steel that is two-sided zinc galvanized and powder coated for the ultimate paint adhesion and rust protection, the fencing material itself brings the ultimate strength to your property.  


Reason #4: Buckley Steel Post and Rail Fence gives you a high ROI 

Although Buckley Steel Post and Rail has a higher upfront cost, it has the lowest lifetime cost. 

Here are two reasons why Buckley Steel post and Rail fencing is worth investing in.

1. Buckley is a smart long-term investment: 

Its low maintenance requirements and asset value make it a good long-term investment because its cost can be easily amortized. 


2. Stunning looks add to the value of your high-end property

It is a premium product that creates a fabulous first impression and can increase the value of your property, considerably. 

So whether you are creating a forever property or it’s a commercial venture and you’re looking for a good return eventually – Buckley is likely to elevate the overall value of your property.  

If you’re confused about whether you’re spending too much or too less on your fencing, learning how to set a fencing budget might be of help.  

Or you can also use a fencing tool to create a plan based on your vision and budget. 





Reason #5: Buckley Steel Post and Rail Fence is designed to be horse safe 

At the forefront of most people’s minds when choosing a fence is animal safety, both in terms of physical risk and risk of escape.  

While wood boards are highly visible, horses still risk ingesting toxic splinters and cutting themselves on nails, splinters, shards, and fallen boards. Buckley Steel Post and Rail is the safest fencing option available, with no known injuries due to this product.  


3 features that make Buckley horse safe are: 

1. There are no sharp edges

Unlike welded steel pipe, each section is thermally independent and therefore not subject to cracking or corrosion. Furthermore, due to its design of rounded smooth edges and no nails, screws or fasteners, there is no risk of cuts to horses’ delicate skin. 

2. Cribbing will not impact their health

Unlike Treated Pine, there’s no likely risk of animals breaking and choking on huge chunks of fencing or licking harmful chemicals off the fencing. Cribbers will also feel discouraged to bite metal.  

3. The rails are designed to give way to safety

 Buckley is quite strong, but for safety reasons will buckle on direct running impact. Each rail of Buckley Steel Horse Fence is designed so that it will flex if impacted, and then return to its normal position. In the case of a panicked horse, its energy is sufficient to cause the rails to bend, buckle, and release from the posts with no breakage or splinters. This prevents serious injury to the horse, unlike with welded steel fence rails or masonry-style systems.

This feature also means that your horse will not tear down or destroy long lengths of fencing, such as the case would with wooden or vinyl fencing. If your horse does pop out a panel, Buckley Steel Board Fence rails can be easily installed, so that you go through less product and less time. 


Reason#6: Buckley Steel Post and Rail fence is environmentally friendly 

Is Buckley expensive? The answer is Yes. But what is the cost you will attach to save the planet?  

If you too are environmentally conscious, it’ll be worth learning more about eco-friendly post and rail fencing.  

Here are the two key features that make Buckley eco-friendly.

1.  Buckley Steel Post and Rail is made of recycled steel and is itself 100% recyclable. 

Steel’s greatest environmental benefit is its ability to be recycled or reused at end of life. For other materials, it is necessary to manage their end-of-life carefully to realise the limited benefit they can provide. It’s a responsible choice that is safe for not just your horses but also our world. 

The biggest maintenance issue with Steel fencing is rust. However, rusting is a natural process and has no impact on the environment.  

2. Buckley is pre-powdered and doesn’t need to be painted with oil-based paints

Another advantage of Buckley is that there is no or hardly any need of painting Buckley Steel Fence, thus there’s no fear of VOC emissions.  


Should I invest in Buckley Steel Post and Rail Fence for my horse property? 

You want to order Buckley Steel Post and Rail fencing for your horse property but would like to know if it’s worth investing in. It might be priced lower than hardwood but is costlier than most of the horse fencing solutions in its category. 


Now you know the reasons that justify the cost of Buckley Steel Fence. Simply put, it’s a big investment initially that pays in the long term.  


If you want to create a beautiful, safe and long-lasting property that makes you feel proud every day, and desire a horse fence that gives you more time to spend with your loved ones and an increased ROI on your property, then Buckley is the right choice for you. 


However, if cost is a huge constraint, and you might not be able to install Buckley across your entire property, there are still ways to incorporate your dream fence into your fencing plan. You can explore ideas on including the finest fencing solutions within a limited budget.  


If you have any more questions related to the cost, quality, installation or availability of Buckley Steel Post and Rail fencing, our fencing experts are there to answer each one of them in detail.  


Feel free to book a personalised consultation and learn all that you want about our premium fencing solution, or simply have a good conversation on fencing. There is a zilch obligation of purchase and all we want is to help you create a beautiful and safe equine property that matches your vision. 

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