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Which are the Best Horse Fencing Companies in Australia? 

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If you own an equine property owner in Australia, your prime focus is to keep your horses safe and healthy. Fencing plays an important role in meeting this requirement and needs careful consideration when it comes to both the type of horse fencing you choose as well as the fencing supplier you buy from. 


At Stock & Noble, we provide the finest horse fencing solutions to high-end equine property owners across Australia and New Zealand. Every year our team works closely with more than 100 horse property owners to understand what kind of fences they need.  


At our core, we value transparency and openness, freely expressing our insights on horse fencing through our website. People who know about our opinions often ask us about other companies that sell horse fencing in Australia. 


We’re not afraid to tell the truth about our competition. We want our customers to know as much as possible. So, here’s a list of some companies in Australia that have a good history of making horse fences. These companies are experienced and have a reputation for providing reliable and effective fencing solutions for horses. 


In the end, you will have information about different horse fencing companies you can connect with for your fencing needs in Australia.  


1. Duncan Equine Group

This company was started by Ben Duncan 30 years ago. They have a head office in Western Australia and a warehouse in Geelong, Victoria. 

They introduced and sold the famous Horserail fencing products in Australia. 

In 2021 they stopped being a supplier of the US-made original Horserail and introduced their range of flexible rail fencing called the Stallion Rail, manufactured in China.  

They do have other equine-related products like feeders and horse rubber. Stallion Rail is their own and only type of horse fencing, along with fence posts and horse gates.  


2. Magnum Equine 

Magnum Equine have their head office located in Coburg, Victoria.  

They are 20 years old in the horse fencing industry and are a distributor of original Hosrerail in Australia.  

Horserail and fence posts are the only horse fencing solutions they provide to equine property owners. They do have other equine-related products in their portfolio. 



Waratah is a 135-year-old fencing company that provides Australian-made products to rural farmers. In 1884, they opened their first wire mill on the banks of the Parramatta River. 

Waratah is known for its large range of wire fencing.  

Their horse fencing products include electric flexible rail fencing, horse sighter wire and horse tape. 


4. Fencing4horses

Fencing4horses is a small Australian manufacturer, based in Western Sydney. The key horse fencing product manufactured and supplied by them is a flexible plastic rail called Bounce Back.  

They also have other horse fencing products like star picket sleeves, plastic-coated wire and fencing accessories. However Bounce Back is their own and only horse fencing option. 


5. Think Fencing

Think Fencing was started in 1999 by Jack Fitzgerald. Their main horse fencing product is a plastic flexible rail called Zappa Rail which is electric and another plastic rail called EquiRail which is non-electric.  

Their products are made in Australia. 


Finding the Best Horse Fencing Company for Your Equine Property 

You want to create a safe and beautiful equine property. Now you know the 5 horse fencing companies we trust you to consider for your equine fencing needs in Australia. 


If you want to learn more about choosing the right horse fencing and building a property that matches your vision, these resources would prove helpful: 

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Our Custom Fencing Quiz can further guide you in the right direction. 

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Here are some more resources to help you get the price estimate for your horse fencing: 

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Finally, would you like to know further about the different horse fencing solutions offered by Stock & Noble, ranging from premium steel to timber post and rail and from the original Horserail to equine mesh and more? If yes, then feel free to connect with our fencing experts for a personalised consultation to find out which fencing solution would be best for your property.  

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