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Legacy Rail is a flexible plastic horse fence or what is popularly known as a kind of Horserail. It’s important to make it clear that Legacy Rail is not the original Horserail and if you wish you can learn the details of the availability, specifications and suppliers of Original Horserail in Australia. 


Legacy Rail is a premium plastic rail designed and manufactured in America. 5 inches wide, strong and straight this horse fencing gives a post and rail look and is often seen at signature properties. 


At Stock & Noble, we provide the finest fencing solutions to high-end properties. Our products are carefully chosen based on their aesthetics, horse safety and proven success on a global scale. We stock the original Horserail and are the exclusive supplier of Legacy Rail in Australia and New Zealand. Being our featured product, we have an obvious bias for these beautiful rails.  


While we think Legacy Rail is great, we also know it might not be the fence you’re looking for and may not be suitable for your horse property. There’s a price attached to this premium product that might not be ideal for every property owner.  

Based on our expertise in selling Legacy Rail, and on the experiences of our clients who’re using them, we will give you an honest review of this flexible horse fencing system. 


In this article, we will discuss:   

  1. What is Legacy Rail?  
  2. What are the specifications of this horse fencing system?  
  3. What are the advantages of Legacy Rail?  
  4. What are the disadvantages of Legacy Rail?  

At the end of your read, you will have an in-depth knowledge of Legacy Rail and will be able to assess whether it’s the right flexible plastic rail fencing for your horse property or not.  


What is Legacy Rail? 

Legacy Rail Bold is a 130mm or 5 inches wide Flexible Plastic Horse Fence, designed and manufactured in America.  

It is imported exclusively by Stock & Noble in Australia.  

It is extremely strong and the widest and most long-lasting flexible rail in its category. Probably the most expensive flexible horserail as well. 

Made from MDPE or Medium Density Polyethylene, this rail is a blend of impact modifiers, UV stabilisers and anti-fungicides.  

The plastic and high tensile wire used are molecularly bonded, so this horse fence is designed to stay straight as a board, no matter the weather. It’s always high in demand so it’s a good idea to check the availability with one of our fencing advisors. 


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Specifications of Legacy Rail Flexible Horse Fencing 


  • Complete fencing system with its joiners, anchors and tensioners. Legacy Rail Bold is available in 200-metre rolls. 
  • 5 Inches wide with 3 High tensile wires running through it. 
  • Anti-mould  
  • Anti-fungal  
  • UV Stable 
  • 1900 kg break strength 
  • Colours: Black is mostly available in stock. White and Natural Brown on demand. 
  • Post compatibility: Can be installed with steel or timber end assemblies and plastic intermediate posts. 
  • Warranty: 65 years or Lifetime Limited Manufacturer’s warranty. One time transferable 
The cost of a 200-metre roll of Legacy Rail Bold is $1681.90, including GST. 


Advantages of Legacy Rail Bold – Flexible Horse Fencing 


Designed to be aesthetically superior 

Legacy Rail Bold is 5 inches wide and creates a stunning first impression with its premium quality, well-tensioned and sturdy fencing line.  

In our experience, most of the properties who have chosen Legacy Rail are high-end lifestyle properties that sometimes don’t even have horses. Their main focus was great aesthetics and an impressive presentation. 

The main competitors of Legacy Rail are the original Horserail or Stallion Rail which are not typically stocked in 5 inches but can be made to order.  

The key difference in looks is based on the positioning of the tensioning spooler. In other types of flexible rail, this tensioning spooler is placed right in the middle of the rails, while in Legacy Rail Bold the spooler is a part of the end bracket and attached to the strainer assembly which is typically at the end of the fencing line. 

This design keeps the Legacy rail clear of any fixtures and gives a bold clean traditional  fence look. 


This Flexible Horserail offers the longest warranty 

Legacy Rail is a highly reliable product that comes with one of the longest warranties offered in the horse fencing industry.  

It is a Lifetime Limited Manufacturer’s warranty or 65 years. 

The warranty is transferable from the first owner to the next.   

For a clear comparison, we would recommend learning more about horse fencing warranties and what they mean.

The lifetime warranty shows the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality, strength and performance of Legacy Rail Bold. 

Successful flexible rail with proven success 

Legacy Rail Bold has been successfully used across America for over 15 years. They have proved their worth in longevity and strength over time in adverse weather conditions. 


Extremely strong yet flexible for enhanced horse safety 

Legacy Rail Bold is constructed of pre-straightened 12.5 gauge (2.2 mm approximately) steel wire, which is the strongest gauge of high-tensile wire that’s made. If your horse comes in contact, this fence will flex up to 150 to 200 mm and then return to its original shape. 

Bright, UV Stable and anti-mould 

Legacy Rail Bold is made of the best polymer material which contains the maximum colour and UV inhibitors that the polymer can absorb. It contains a mildew resistant formula making it ideal for horse properties.  


Easy to maintain 

Legacy Rail Bold requires little to no maintenance giving you more time to enjoy your property. Even if the horse pushes against these flexible rails, it will maintain its look and there will be no stress marks. The rails will never crack or peel and never need to be painted. 


Easy to install 

This is a complete fencing system that comes with every part you’d need to seamlessly install the fence. In fact, it’s one of the easiest horse fences to install. If you have time and some prior experience, you can even look at your horse fencing project as a DIY.  


Disadvantages of Legacy Rail Bold 


This flexible rail does not come with integrated electrics 

Unlike other options of Flexible Rails which can be electrified Legacy Rail has no such option.  

To make it clearer, in Horserail HotTop Plus, or Stallion Rail Extreme the electric wires are integrated into the top and bottom rails. While Legacy Rail is only available as a non-electric Flexible Plastic Horse Fence. 

The only way to add electrics to Legacy Rail Bold is to add a separate wire that runs along the fence line. Legacy Line Electric is the recommended option to achieve this. 

In the opinion of a few horse fencing experts using six electric wires (Horserail Hot Top Plus) is sometimes not needed in a horse fencing line. A single wire placed at the top and in the middle is often sufficient to keep the horses off and away from the fence and safely inside. In fact, the more electric components you involve, the higher the chances are of something going wrong with the electrics of the fencing. Meaning more time spent finding faults rather than enjoying your beautiful world! 


Legacy Rail Bold is new to Australia 

While Legacy Rail has proven its success in America for over 15 years, it has been introduced to Australia and New Zealand only a couple of years ago by Stock & Noble.  

In comparison, Horserail has been in our country for over 20 years and has been tried in the harsh weather conditions of this region. 

The good news is that Legacy Rail Bold can be installed like any other flexible rail and has similar fittings and instructions to follow so the novelty shouldn’t be an issue for any Fencing Contractor. 


This Flexible Horserail needs a higher investment  

Legacy Rail Bold is probably the most expensive flexible plastic rail available today. The initial investment is higher than other Horserail. If you want, you can dig deeper to know the cost comparison between different plastic horse fences. 

To give you an overview, Legacy Rail Bold is priced closer to Horserail Hot Top Plus but doesn’t have the electrics. However, what you get is twice the longevity, added features, wider rails and a more impressive look. 

You can also use an interactive tool to calculate the approximate price of horse fencing needed for your property. 




Is Legacy Rail the perfect horserail for my property? 

You are considering Legacy Rail as an option for your horse property and want to know if this flexible plastic horse fence will match your vision and budget. 

Now you can weigh up the advantages and disadvantages to see whether this horse fencing is the one that will help you create a safe and beautiful equine property. 

In our experience, Legacy Rail Bold is ideally suited for: 

  • Lifestyle forever properties where aesthetics, sustainability, longevity and ease of maintenance are of prime importance.  
  • Properties with arena-style fencing, where typically electrics aren’t a must. This flexible rail is preferred by owners who want aesthetics and strength over electrics. That’s the reason we have also supplied Legacy Rail Bold to some non-equine signature properties keen on elevating the overall appearance. 

The decision is yours. If you want to create a stunning lifestyle horse property with flexible rail fencing Legacy Rail Bold might be a good fit for you. The next step on your horse fencing journey is to learn how to plan for the materials and install the flexible rail. It will help you be prepared for a smooth buying and installing process. 

If you have any more questions on the quality, availability or planning of your fencing with Legacy Rail Bold or Horserail, reach out to one of our fencing experts. We will help bring clarity to every step of your fencing project and guide you to create a property just the way you imagined. 

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