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Duncan Equine Vs Stock & Noble -
What is the actual difference? 

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During a personalised consultation, one of our customers recently asked “Stock & Noble vs. Duncan Equine, what’s the difference” 

It’s a good question. 

Also, if you’re searching for horse fencing in Australia or New Zealand it’s highly likely that Google has shown you Duncan Equine and Stock & Noble next to each other. 

Duncan Equine specialises in horse fencing, specifically flexible rail fencing. 

To be clear, you’re on the Stock & Noble website. And yes, we’re about to talk about a competitor. But we believe in being blatantly honest here at Stock & Noble and answering our customers’ questions as truthfully as possible. 

So, here’s the truth. 

Some people are better off ordering from Duncan Equine rather than buying from us. 

That’s right, some property owners shouldn’t use us … instead, they should use our competitor. 

The reality is we respect Duncan Equine. They’ve been in the horse fencing business for over 25 years, while we are a younger company with far less direct experience.  

So, in this article, you’ll get an honest review of the top differences between Stock & Noble and Duncan Equine. It’ll help you in deciding which company might be best qualified to help you achieve your fencing vision.  


Who is Duncan Equine?  

Duncan Equine is primarily recognised as a supplier of flexible rail horse fencing in Australia and New Zealand. They are based in Western Australia with an additional warehouse in Geelong. Beyond fencing, they also offer products such as rubber and horse feeders, all with a strong emphasis on equine needs.  

The company is owned by Ben and Jo Duncan, who not only manage the business but also operate their personal horse stud. This intimate connection with horses is evident in the passion they and their staff show, as they live and breathe the equine lifestyle. 


Established 25 years ago, Duncan Equine has steadily grown, now boasting a team of 5-6 dedicated individuals. What sets them apart is their complete focus on a single fencing product that is flexible rail fencing, called Stallion Rail a commitment that has defined their success.  


Duncan Equine stand out for their dedication to staying focused on flexible rail solutions and not straying from their core passion. Their website serves as a testament to their journey, showcasing the evolution from a modest beginning to a reputable supplier in the equine fencing domain. 


Who is Stock & Noble? 

Stock & Noble is a premium fencing company based in Melbourne, Victoria, serving customers all across Australia and New Zealand.  


We are three years old, and our focus is not one product but to help create safe and beautiful properties that match the vision of equine, and lifestyle property owners. We make this happen by sourcing a range of globally proven and successful fencing solutions. Our product folio only features the highest quality fencing solutions designed for high-end properties.  


Despite being young, we’ve already made waves in the fencing industry. One of our key innovations is a range of rich premium fencing paint, and we’ve introduced a premium steel post and rail fencing option that has been enthusiastically embraced by our customers, amongst others. 


What sets us apart is not just the premium products we offer but also our philosophy that rule breakers are the rule makers. We think the fencing industry needs a dose of honesty, and we pride ourselves on being straightforward with our customers. We consider our customers to be intelligent individuals who appreciate transparency and want to do business with trustworthy partners. 


Beyond just fencing, our goal is to build a reputation as a company that places a high value on trust, honesty, and good intentions. We believe that establishing trust goes hand in hand with making sincere efforts, and we strive to uphold these standards. 


The Biggest Difference Between Stock & Noble and Duncan Equine  

The most critical difference between Stock & Noble and Duncan Equine lies in their approach to providing options. While Duncan Equine is recognised for its unwavering focus on a single product, Stallion Rail, Stock & Noble stands out by offering a range of alternatives.  


Duncan Equine promotes Stallion rail as the go-to solution in many situations, but the truth is that it remains their sole option. 


In contrast, Stock & Noble is more customer-centric. We prioritise understanding what the customer aims to achieve and then recommend the right fencing product accordingly. Unlike Duncan Equine, we are not confined to a single-horse fencing solution, and we actively engage with customers to explore various possibilities. We not only provide options but also challenge conventional thinking, suggesting competitor products if they align better with the customer’s vision.  


If you’ve talked to us you’d know! If not, then feel free to connect now for a discussion on your vision, your property, your animals and what it needs. 


Unlike Duncan Equine, we refrain from asserting that our products are the absolute best. Instead, we believe in finding the right match for the customer’s budget, needs, desires, and vision. What is ‘best’ for you is likely different to what is ‘best’ for the next client. At Stock & Noble, we are driven by the fact that every property owner is unique and so is their property. Hence, we strive to provide a tailored and flexible solution that goes beyond a one-size-fits-all framework.  


Differences in Services/Solutions/Products Offered 

Duncan Equine is focused on equine products and features flexible rail as their key fencing solution. 

While Stock & Noble overall offers a diverse range of fencing solutions for equine and lifestyle properties. 

Here is a comparison chart with a list of products that they offer.


Comparison chart - horse fencing companies 

Additional Services 


Connection with fencing installers:

Both Duncan Equine and Stock & Noble can successfully link customers with professional installers for a hassle-free experience. 


Design Assistance:  

Duncan Equine can probably assist in creating hand-drawn designs,(best to check with their executive) although professional design services, such as CAD fencing plans are not offered by Duncan Equine. 


Stock & Noble on the contrary offers a range of planning tools like Map My Fence, Custom Fencing Quiz and Paint Calculator. 


Also, a comprehensive Horse Fencing guide created by Stock & Noble lists various types of horse fencing, their pros and cons along product specifications. It can be a great starting point in your horse fencing journey. 


Overall, Stock & Noble provides a wider array of high-quality horse fencing products along with additional services and tools for precise planning and design. The inclusion of interactive tools and content further highlights our customer-focused approach. 


So our advice would be to do your research, gather the knowledge and make the best decision for your property and your horses. 


Difference in Cost  

Duncan Equine excels in cost-effectiveness. They primarily source their products from China, allowing them to provide budget-friendly options, a strength they proudly promote. Their focus on affordability is evident in their offerings. 


They are driven by discounts committed to providing the customer with the cheapest fencing products. 


In contrast, Stock & Noble takes a different approach. We invest in quality. Our products mainly come from the USA suppliers, where significant time and effort are invested in engineering top-notch designs for equine needs. The suppliers we work with are industry leaders who have globally proven game-changers like Horserail, Redbrand and Buckley Fence. As a result, our prices are typically higher, reflecting the foresight and leadership demonstrated by our suppliers. 


The higher prices also account for the exceptional level of service we provide, surpassing formal requirements. Our commitment extends beyond project completion, ensuring our customers achieve their ultimate goals. We charge accordingly to sustain our service excellence year after year. 


Overall, as far as cost is concerned, Stock & Noble is not driven solely by price. Our ethos revolves around creating forever properties, and prioritising premium solutions. While Duncan Equine opts for budget-friendly choices, we emphasise the long-lasting beauty of properties over short-term discounts. 


Difference in the Quality of Products 

This is a complicated one, since we can only compare one single product with them that’s our flexible rail. So it’ll be primarily a difference between Horserail Vs. Stallion Rail.  


Overall, we prioritise authenticity over imitation. We offer original products created by original inventors who have proven products that are known to be the best in the world like Horserail. 


The products created by original inventors ensure that we are in tandem with the constant innovations and add newer updates to provide better solutions for our customers. Suppliers who tend to imitate do not hold the same innovate DNA which is not a good fit with our ‘rule breakers are the rule makers’ ethos. 


Difference in Experience  

Duncan Equine is a winner. They have over 25 years of experience in catering to horse properties.While we have only 3. 


Ben Duncan, the owner of Duncan Equine deserves credit for introducing the finest horse fencing in the world – original Horserail in Australia. However, a few years ago they stopped selling the original Horserail and launched their line of flexible rail fencing called Stallion Rail. You can learn more about their story in the about section of their website.  


Today Stock & Noble is amongst the only two suppliers of Original Horserail in Australia and New Zealand. Needless to say, it’s amongst our top-selling equine fencing products. 


At Stock & Noble, we lack extensive experience and rely on our relationships built on trust. If challenges arise, we leverage the vast wealth of expertise across our many experienced suppliers and local fencing contractors, ensuring that our customers are not adversely affected by any lack of experience on our part.  Furthermore, we feel this global, wholistic exposure can be more beneficial when guiding and helping many customers across Australasia. 


We have a fresh perspective towards fencing and customer relationships. Our focus is to stay updated and provide our customers with products that match international standards. 


Difference in Type of Properties 

Duncan Equine primarily operates in the commercial equine space, specialising in projects such as horse studs. Their focus leans towards larger commercial endeavours. 


In contrast, Stock & Noble excels in equine as well as boutique, acreage, and personal forever properties. We help create unique, individualised spaces rather than limiting ourselves to large-scale commercial projects. 


So, while Duncan Equine remains equine-focused, Stock & Noble diversify its project portfolio. We are well-qualified to handle not only significant equine properties, such as the largest equine hospital in the southern hemisphere, but also different premium properties like a recently fenced premium olive farm, which has no direct association with equine. 


Our guiding principle isn’t solely price-driven. Instead, we are dedicated to constructing beautiful, long-lasting properties that stand the test of time. 


Multiple Fencing Options: 

The reason for this is unlike Duncan Equine, which has a singular fencing solution, Stock & Noble offers versatility. We can provide multiple fencing options, adapting to various needs and preferences. Our commitment is to offer solutions that enhance the lifestyle and look of our customers’ properties. 


In a recent project, a customer desired timber for the driveway without horses, and steel for the horse yards. Stock & Noble provided both options, empowering the customer with control over their property’s aesthetics and functionality. This ability to cater to mixed requirements sets us apart in providing specific solutions for unique properties. 


Key Differences between Duncan Equine and Stock & Noble


Multiple Fencing Options:

Stock & Noble offers a variety of fencing solutions tailored to different needs. Duncan Equine has a singular option of Stallion Rail. 


Original Products and Continuous Improvement:

Our products are original, globally proven, and continuously developed by the original inventors, adapting to evolving customer needs. 



Duncan Equine offers better discounts and cheaper products. Stock & Noble offers premium fencing at a premium price. Focused on long-term ROI. 


Lifestyle and Equine Focus:

We cater to both lifestyle and equine properties, providing a comprehensive range of solutions. 



Duncan Equine has 25 years of experience compared to 3 years of Stock & Noble. 


Planning Tools:

Stock & Noble provides well-designed tools for every stage of planning, enhancing the customer experience. 


Culture of Trust:

Our commitment to trust-building is ingrained in our culture, fostering long-term relationships. 


National Presence:

Both companies supply Australia-wide, though Duncan Equine has a depot in Western Australia, which we do not. 


Ready to Make the Right Choice for Your Fencing Needs: Stock & Noble Vs. Duncan Equine 

You are in the market for horse fencing and were wondering whether to reach out to either Stock & Noble or Duncan Equine. Now you know the critical differences between the two horse fencing companies.  


It’s a good idea to start by considering your priorities. 

If price is the primary factor, you’re convinced about using a single horse fencing on your property and desire the quality of Stallion Rail, then clearly Duncan Equine could be the right choice for you.   


For considerations beyond price, Stock & Noble could be your partner. We offer a wider array of options, discuss your specific needs and find the right solution, whether it’s timber, Horserail, steel, mesh, sighter wire, or other horse fencing. Our expertise extends beyond equine properties to include lifestyle properties.  


If you’re building a forever property that needs a high-quality proven product like Horserail, or if your property has both lifestyle and equine elements, Stock & Noble could be the right choice.  


In the beginning of your fencing project, this quiz might also help you in making the right choice for your horse fencing. 


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In conclusion, looking ahead, our commitment to ongoing trust-building and product diversification will set us further apart from Duncan Equine. We aim to be more premium, with a focus on building beautiful, long-lasting properties that carry their own unique signature.  


So, make your choice based on your priorities. If it’s price-centric, connect with Duncan Equine; otherwise, reach out to our fencing experts for a conversation that will revolve around finding the best solution for your vision, your property, you budget and your animals. 

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