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What is the cost of Horserail or Plastic Horse Fences in Australia and New Zealand? 

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Plastic horse fences or more commonly known as Horserail are one of the most popular fencing solutions used in horse properties across the world. In Australia and New Zealand, we have different brands of plastic horse fences available.  


While the cost of material is easy to gather from their respective websites, what’s tough is to get a collective cost of fencing material, plus the cost of posts, cost of installation as charged by the fencing contractors, cost of freight and additional charges. You’ve to research different brands, call multiple fencing suppliers, discuss your projects at length with different fencing contractors, and figure out equipment and delivery charges by digging into delivery companies. The entire process is tedious, and time-consuming and you might be left puzzled with so much information at the end. 


At Stock & Noble, we provide our clients with the original Horserail and Legacy Rail across Australia and New Zealand. Thanks to our experience of selling and delivering these finest plastic horse fences and constant interaction with fencing contractors across the region we are well versed with the cost involved at every step of installing Horserail on your property. 


In this article, we will share the details of different factors which make up the cost of buying and installing different types of Horserail or Plastic horse fences on your property. If you too are looking at owning this fabulous fence that’s safe for your horses and looks stunning, at the end of your read you will know how much your dream fence is going to cost you.  


Factors affecting the cost of Horserail 

 The total cost of getting any Plastic Horse Fence installed on your property is a sum of 7 different factors: 

  1. Cost of preparation 
  2. Cost of installation 
  3. Cost of rails  
  4. Cost of fencing material 
  5. Cost of posts 
  6. Cost of delivery 
  7. Additional costs like gateways 

In case you choose electric fences, you have two more costs: 

  1. Cost of installing wires 
  2. Cost of energiser 

Let’s dive into the specifics of each of these factors and how they’ll impact your cost. 


Cost of preparing horse property for Plastic Horse Fences 

Once your planning and purchasing are done and you start your fencing project, the first step is preparation. Your assigned fencing contractor would visit your site and start the process.   

On average your cost will be $2.50 a meter to pull down or remove the fence. 

Or Fencing Contractor will give you a quote based on the job 


Cost of installing post and rail 

Regardless of which Horserail you choose, the process and cost of installation remain the same. A fencing contractor would visit your site, mark out your fence, install your posts, and assemble your strainer posts. When that’s done, it’ll be time to install the rail. 

The cost will differ based on how big your property is, which posts you choose and how many rails you install. One rail is simple to do and would need a smaller number of hours, so fewer dollars are spent. 3 or 4 rails will require extra time.  

One way you can save on this expenditure is to share the work. While a fencing contractor can install the posts, you can attach the rails yourself.

Cost of installing only posts and rails: $12 per meter.  

Each End assembly: $160

Each Corner assembly: $250  

Triple assembly: 350

That includes painting the posts and steel end assemblies. Plus, GST 

Map my fence


Cost of different Plastic Horse Fences 

There are different types of Flexible plastic rails or Plastic horse fences or Horserail available in Australia today. You might already know that Horserail is actually a product, that has become generic to the whole category. There’s a difference between original Horserail and other competitors who call themselves Horserail.  

Horserail, Legacy Rail, Stallion Rail, Bounce back and Equi/Zapper Rail are some of the most well-known brands of plastic horse fences today. 

All of them have options of both electric and non-electric fences to choose from. 

While the horse fences might be different, the process of buying and installing plastic horse fence on any property is largely the same. Even the cost of installation and preparation is similar. What’s different is the cost of rails, fencing material and posts.  

It differs based on 

  1. Electric or Non-electric Plastic horse fence 
  2. Number of rails – 1, 2, 3 or 4 
  3. Brand of Horserail – Original Horserail, Legacy Rail, Stallion Rail, Bounce Back or Equi/Zapper Rail 
  4. Timber, Steel or Plastic posts 


The cost of different plastic horse fences is based on a 200-metre roll.  


Legacy Rail Bold: $1349  

Bounce Back: $965.00 

Stallion Rail: $999 




Horserail Hottop Plus: $1193 

Zappa Rail: $1165.00 

Stallion Rail Ultra: $1099 

Stallion Rail Extreme:  $1149.01 


Cost of the fittings for different Horserail 

Other than the rails, the fencing supplier also provides you with the additional fittings and material needed to install the rails. These typically include line brackets, top brackets, Tek screws, spoolers, end plate kit and tensioners. 

Most brands give you a consolidated quote of rails and fittings needed for the order. However, it’s always a good idea to add some extra fittings for future maintenance.   

These prices are per unit.  

Cost of Legacy Rail Bold fittings: 

Legacy End Tensioner kit             $69 

Legacy End Plate Kit.                    $24.90 

Legacy Internal Corner Bracket $24.90 

Legacy Line Bracket                     $4.70 


Cost of Horserail Hottop plus fittings: 

Horserail Top Rail Insulator Bracket     $5.00 

Horserail Line Post Insulator Bracket   $4.20 

45-degree end buckles                              $20.91 

Tensioning Spoolers                                  $20.91 


Cost of Zappa Rail fittings: 

Line Brackets                     $4.30 

End Bracket                       $27.50 

Insulator                            $83.00 

Joining buckle                   $47.00 


Cost of Stallion Rail/Ultra/Extreme fittings: 

Top Rail bracket               $3.50 

Line bracket                          $3.50 

Rail Tensioner                   $19.99 

End Bracket                         $19.99 

Joiner                                         $19.99 


Cost of Equirail fittings 

End Bracket             $19.25 

Post bracket             $2.64 

Tensioner Kit           $34.30 


Cost of Bounce Back fittings 

Line Bracket      $2.12 

End Vice            $5.29 

Joiner                 $7.94 


Cost of posts for Horserail 

One of the biggest factors in calculating the estimate of Horserail is the post. The most popular options available for your horse property today are Timber, Woodshield, Steel post and Plastic post.   

Different brands are offering these posts at varied prices and specifications. It depends on what you, your animals and your property need.  

Timber posts are comparatively high maintenance, need to be painted and don’t last as long as your Horserail. Steel posts are strong and long-lasting but might also need to be painted if you are looking for a more premium look. 

Plastic posts are ideal, last, a long time, look great with plastic rails and are extremely low maintenance. We recommend a spacing of at least 4 metres between the posts, to ensure that the rails do not sag.  


Cost of posts: 

Standard timber pole (100mm diameter) 7foot $16.80+ 

Woodshield  Standard post (83mm Diameter) 2.1m long  $15.95+ 

Steel post (80 – 100mm Diameter) 2.1m long   $70.00 – $95.00+ 

Hogan plastic post (110mm diameter) 2.1m long $35.00+ 

PVC Round post (120mm diameter) 2.1m long  $47.00+ 


Additional Cost for Electric Fencing 

If you want electrifiable plastic horse fences, then there are two additional costs, as compared to the non-electric Horserail. 

  1. Cost of electric wiring post installation: $70 per hour labour cost. 
  2. Cost of the energiser depends on how long your electric fence line is and how powerful energiser you need.  

For your reference, entry level energiser from Nemtek is good to power 13 kilometre of your horse fence.  

Cost is $155.00 including GST. 


Cost of Horserail

Please note in the chart, for ease of comparison  

  • Cost is based on 3 rails of fencing over 200 meters.
  • The cost of installation includes steel end assemblies, posts and rails. 
  • The cost of posts for Equirail and Bounce Back is based on Timber, while for all other brands it’s based on Steel. 
  • All cost is AUD, valid at the time of publishing the article.


As you can see in the chart, Legacy Rail is the most expensive type of Plastic Horse fence. It’s made for forever properties and looks stunning with the widest rails in its category. Horesrail is the second most expensive and the topmost version of the original Horserail imported from America and has integrated electric wiring.  

For an in-depth understanding of why Bounce Back and Equirail are cheaper, and others are more expensive, read a detailed comparison of different plastic horses, so, you can make the best decision for your property. 


Variable Costs in Horserail installation 

These costs are variable charges, dependent on what your location is, which equipment you need for unloading your fencing material and what you choose to add to your fencing supplies. 


Cost of delivery for Plastic Horse Fences 

There is no fixed cost to the delivery charges that can be applied to all. A few factors which affect it are: 

  • Distance between your property and supplier’s factory or warehouse. 
  • Whether you need a truck or crane to unload?  

For example, a crane unload typically charges about $110 an hour. However please check and confirm with your equipment provider if they will charge for minimum hours or the entire time crane leaves the depo, unloads and returns.  


Cost of gateways 

While creating a fencing plan or layout for your property, you should also include the position of gates and how many would you need.  

They are normally made of metal or timber. 

Cost of installing equine gates – $200 for installation. 

Cost of the 3.6-meter metal gate with galvanised finish: $683  


How much Horserail will cost for your property? 

Cost is probably the biggest factor that influences your decision when buying a new horse fence for your property. 


Now you know the cost of different components needed for installing and buying a Horserail. You can also compare the costs of different types of plastic horse fences available in Australia and New Zealand and choose what’s best for you and your horse property.   


Before you make the final decision, it will be good to read a detailed comparison of different types of plastic horse fences based on safety, quality, warranty and more.  So, you will have all the information needed to choose wisely and find a fence that matches your dreams and dollars. 


If you have any more questions related to the cost, installation, order or delivery of Horserail for your property, feel free to request a call. One of our fencing advisors would be glad to answer your questions and help you find your perfect fence. 


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